How to cheat on a PC

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    This tutorial assumes you are using a Windows 10 PC. This will never work on 99% of online games as health, mana, money, etc. is usually given by the server, not your local game.

    - Cheat Engine

    Cheat engine is the easiest tool to use. I will only tell you the very basics here for finding an address.

    Let's say you are looking for the health of your character.

    Do an initial search with your current hp. Example: 100hp
    Type in 100 in the text box > Press First Scan
    Get hit in the game (example: you now have 90hp)
    Type in 90 in the text box > Press Next Scan

    Continue this process until you get 1 result remaining. Double click on that address to get it added to your list below.

    You can now press the Active checkbox to freeze its current value (infinite HP) or modify the value back to 100 to heal your character.

    There are tons of different methods and uses for cheat engine. You can watch our YouTube channel to learn more, or join us on the Discord chat channel for more assistance.

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