How to cheat on a Playstation 3

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    Your console must have a custom firmware and the CCAPI plugin installed.

    If your console is DEX (a debug console) you can use TMAPI. This is an official tool developers use and cannot be distributed here. You can find a download link in some YouTube video descriptions.

    Once CCAPI is installed, you can use NetCheat to search and find addresses. Warning, it is buggy as hell and crashes a lot.

    I recommend using a tool like CCAPI Debugger to dump the memory when you change values.

    So for example, if we wanted to find the health address:

    Dump memory when your health is full, save the dump file. (Example: 100hp.dump)
    Get hit, dump memory, save the dump file. (Example: 90hp.dump)
    Get hit, dump memory, save the dump file. (Example: 80hp.dump)
    Get hit, dump memory, save the dump file. (Example: 70hp.dump)
    Get hit, dump memory, save the dump file. (Example: 60hp.dump)

    Now open those dumps files one at a time in cheat engine (File > Open File) and search for the appropriate health %. Each time opening a new file and doing a continued search.

    File > Open File > 100hp.dump > Type in 100 > Press New Scan
    File > Open File > 90hp.dump > Type in 90 > Press Next Scan
    File > Open File > 80hp.dump > Type in 80 > Press Next Scan

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