How to cheat on an Xbox 360

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    - JTag or RGH Xbox 360 consoles ONLY!
    - xbdm.xex plugin
    - Peek Poke

    Part 1: Setting Up Dashlaunch/Launch.ini/xbdm.xex plugin

    When you finish the download, unrar the files and place them onto the Root Of your HDD

    I have added in my Launch.ini but you can edit this how you need, but you will need to keep the [Plugins] the same... This is what is inside of my launch.ini;

    Default = Hdd:\Freestyle\default.xex

    plugin1 = Hdd:\xbdm.xex

    pingpatch = true
    contpatch = false
    fatalfreeze = true
    regionspoof = true
    dvdexitdash = true
    xblaexitdash = true
    nosysexit = false
    livestrong = true
    remotenxe = true
    nohud = false
    noupdater = true
    exchandler = true
    debugout = true

    Place your launch.ini file inside of both your dashlaunch folder and inside of the installer folder.

    Run the default.xex to launch dashlaunch and continue through the steps to flash your launch.ini to your xbox.

    Part 2: Using Peek Poke (example: finding money)

    1. Open Peek Poker, type in your Consoles IP. Click connect.
    2. Click Dump, choose Physical Ram. Now click Dump. When saving the file, make the name the same as your money in the bank. This is what you will be editing.
    3. Once the Dump has finished, continue with opening Hex Workshop. Open up the Dump file in Hex Workshop.
    4. Open Hexit, under Decimal; type the amount of cash in your bank. Copy the Hex value on the left. Go back to Hex Workshop and choose Edit, Find. make sure that Find All Instances is checked. Paste your Hex into the Find space. Click Find.
    5. Once it's done, you should see 2/3 Offsets at the bottom. You may need to go through them. But it's usually the second or third one. Right click it, Copy Address.
    6. Go into Peek Poker, click Peek & Poke. Paste the address over the one already there in the top box. Highlight 0x0 and replace it with "c". Now click Peek. It will be the top 4 sets of Hex.
    7. Now go back to Hexit, under Decimal write this: 2000000000. Now don't copy and paste the Hex value this time. You're going to put it beside Peek & Poke.
    8. At the first number, start writing down what you see in Hexit. After that, click Poke. You should see your bank money go up to $2 billion

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