Version 1.3.0 Beta Changelog

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    - Replaced cm_badword1, cm_badword2, cm_badword3, cm_badword4, cm_badword5, cm_precoded_badwords with cm_badwords
    - Replaced cm_silence_insult_1, cm_silence_insult_2, cm_silence_insult_3, cm_silence_insult_4, cm_silence_insult_5 with cm_insults
    - Replaced cm_allow_chatColors with cm_chatColors
    - Replaced cm_allow_jetpack_command with cm_jetpack
    - Replaced cm_allow_report_command with cm_report
    - Replaced cm_allow_drop_command with cm_drop
    - Replaced cm_chat_protection with cm_chatProtection
    - Replaced cm_enable_ForceDuel with cm_forceDuel
    - Replaced cm_enable_MeleeDuel with cm_MeleeDuel
    - Replaced cm_enable_NormalDuel with cm_duels
    - Replaced cm_AutoProtect_timer with cm_AutoProtectTimer
    - Replaced cm_allow_KnockMeDown_command with cm_KnockMeDown
    - Replaced cm_starting_weapons with cm_startWeapons
    - Replaced cm_allow_samePlayerNames with cm_samePlayerNames
    - Replaced m_enable_grapple with cm_grapple
    - Removed BobaFett's download fix so it can fully work on OpenJKDed programs. (Fixed crashing)
    - Added /cmregister <password> command - register your player name
    - Added /cmlogin <password> command - login with your player name
    - Added /cmstats command - show player stats in database
    - Added /cmleaderboard command - show the current game type leaderboard
    - Added cm_noServerNames cvar
    - Finished integration with SQLite
    - Added a clanmod.php file to upload to your web server to communicate with server via cURL.exe external program. (MySQL)
    - Added cm_database cvar. 0 = disabled 1 = sqlite 2 = mysql.
    - Added new saying commands !stats, !leaders
    - Added a name check to see if a name is registered in the database upon joining game. If so, the server will send a 30 second warning to either login or change name. After 30 seconds your name will be forcefully changed.
    - Added 5 second debounce time on MySQL client commands to not overwhelm the server.
    - Added c_cmlogin client cvar for automatic login upon entering the server.

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