3DS Flash Cart, the only cart to play 3ds roms (Gateway 3DS)

The Gateway 3ds is the first ever flash cart that can play 3ds roms! Even before an emulator is made.

If you’re familiar with R4 or other flash carts, you will get the basic idea. Place the rom on an microSD card and place it into the flashed cartridge.

The drawbacks of this new technology are no multi-roms can be stored on 1 microSD, and no saves! I would recommend waiting till a firmware comes out that supports these features.

There has been a minor setback since Nintendo released a new firmware, so they need to catch up. They tried for an end of June release, but it might be beginning of July. We will just have to wait and see.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: gateway-3ds.com

We currently have a very convenient and user friendly way to enter into our Gateway mode, while this entry point has been tested up to 6.0 we expect it to be shut off shortly after we release. We can not stress enough the importance of staying away from any further updates! ( 6.0 compatibility is only valid for our initial entry point, as stated in point (1) we currently only support firmware version 4.5 )

more demo videos showing save game compatibility as well as setup procedures to follow soon