Posted by newage on December 1st, 2017

If you have the older 3G model of the PSVita, you can swap out the 3G adapter for a MicroSD card reader! This will replace your Vita Memorycard, but only work if you have a console with firmware version 3.60 and have Henkaku with Enso installed.

1) Format the MicroSD card to ExFat or FAT32.

2) install the MicroSD adapter card (PSVSD) with MicroSD chip.

3) Visit henkaku.xyz website in the PSVita web browser, install henkaku, press the R trigger to trigger a re-install of Molecular shell.

4) Go to the Henkaku system settings > Enable unsafe homebrew.

5) Open Molecular shell, press select. On your PC open an FTP connection using the credentials shown.

6) Download and transfer to your console the https://github.com/yifanlu/usbmc/releases usbmc installer apk and install it with Molecularshell.

7) Open USBMC Installer app on homescreen, press X to install. Restart console, and repeat a second time.

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