3k3y v2.0 Setup Guide

UPDATE: The 3k3y website no longer exists and it seems they have stopped manufacturing the chip.

3k3y no longer requires a CFW to get the key from your drive, and is very close to being available for the 3k and 4k series of PS3’s. You can currently purchase the 3k and 4k series in China, and will within a week be available in the US. Also, being safe from PSN and any potential bans. As long as you don’t use homebrew software, etc. This is now the best choice for PS3 game backup playing!

Here is a little guide I hope everyone finds useful. Basically you want to wire up the 3k3y, convert your old multiman games to iso format and learn how to mount the iso in the game menu without the remote.

If you’re installing 3k3y for the first time, and you’re trying to setup with the new no-key firmware (v2.00) follow this guide. This guide is if you do not have the remote or the ripp3r hardware board. Please keep in mind you do need a real ps3 game in your ps3 to emulate the iso harddrive data disc on to. Keep the game disc out when powering on your PS3. Insert it only when viewing/playing a game from your harddrive.

1) Follow this video for installing your new 3k3y hardware (FAT) (slim 3k and 4k) (no 2k at the moment)

2) When installing the microSD card, you do NOT need to put a dump file on it! Just put it into the 3k3y board as-is.

3) Download newest 3k3y beta firmware.

4) Download the newest IRD validation pack from EurAsia or use the 3k3y IRD files. Make sure downloads from 3k3y are downloaded properly! Sometimes they are 0kb blank files!

5) Download the newest 3k3y ripp3r app. v1.22+

6) Follow this video for converting Multiman games to .iso format and how to use your new 3k3y!

3key.cfg example file (Unreal Tournament III PS3 original disc)


#Set WPA OR WEP (not both). If neither is selected 3K will expect an open WiFi network
#IF using WPA set your WiFi key

#IF using WEP set your WEP HEX key

#Set IP (optional NETMASK) to use a static IP, if neither XK will use DHCP

+++++++++++++++++++++++Unique Wifi Dongle Key+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


++++++++++++++++++isoMENU flag Y/S/N On/Static/Off++++++++++++++++++++++++


+++++++++++++++++++++++++RESUMELAST flag Y/N On/Off+++++++++++++++++++++++


+++++++++++++++++++++++++AUTOEJECT flag Y/N On/Off++++++++++++++++++++++++


+++++++++++++++++++++++++D1 Key for original game disk+++++++++++++++++++++


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do Not Remove Empty lines above This Text!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE SETUP EXAMPLE (after 3k3y firmware update)

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