3k3y VS Cobra ODE, Features and History

When looking for good hardware to run your homebrew or backed up PlayStation 3 games on, you have 2 choices to consider, a 3k3y or a Cobra.

ODE History and Features

3k3y was the first ODE option available for the PlayStation 3. It had support for the console only if you previously had read the PlayStation 3’s hardware key using an E3 Flasher. But, once you read your console with the E3 flasher, you may as well go with Rogero or anothor custom OS. The 3k3y was there if you wanted to play your games online as Sony is very strict about playing with homebrew. Later came the introduction to ODE, which lead to no longer requiring the hardware key! This allowed many new hardware modifiers to join in the fun. However, the lack of support for the newer firmwares being released and removal of support for PSX and PS2 games made the Cobra look more promising.

Cobra was released after 3k3y, but gave it more of the software support we were looking for. They had a better UI, faster load times, support for legacy games and better stability for homebrew and PSN games. While 3k3y works on their newer ODE hardware, Cobra sticks with what they know best and bring us the better quality product.

3k3y (3k3y.com)

  • Updatable via USB storage
  • PS3 game support, SOME PSX support with special formats
  • HomeBrew and PSN Game Support (unstable)
  • Emulation or pass-through modes (pass-through modes do not work on all models)
  • USB dongle attaches to front with internal ribbon cable. Very flimsy.
  • Good community with forums

Cobra (team-cobra-ode.com)

  • DVD and BD movie support
  • HomeBrew and PSN Game Support
  • Emulation or pass-through modes
  • Full PSX, PS2 and PS3 game support
  • Updatable via USB storage
  • Board with USB dongle clips to PS3 case making it easy to remove USB hard drive
  • Good community with forums
UPDATE: While 3k3y no longer works with firmware 4.6, Cobra is creating the DMC to bring all models of the PS3 to life again for online play. Currently, the Cobra works for 4.65 on 4k consoles.