7 Reasons Why iOS Is Better Than Android

While the computer OS war has calmed down a bit, the competition for the mobile market could not be more competitive. New versions of both iOS and Android are being released quickly, and top-tier smartphones being released by all major tech companies. However, nowadays, when you have to buy a new phone, the first decision you have to take is: iOS or Android? Sure, Windows Phone also has a small following, but that isn’t enough to be considered a threat to either iOS or Android. If you’re still undecided whether your next purchase should be an Android or an iPhone, here are 7 reasons why iOS is better than Android:

1. The brand

Since the iPhone first launched and revolutionized the mobile world, it has become a true fashion icon. Its Apple logo on the back and its white earphones are quickly recognizable to even the most clueless person. This is why the first pro of the Apple phones are the brand itself. Not only are the iPhones and iPads instantly recognizable and a true cultural statement, but Apple devices in general are known to be durable. And if you don’t trust the Apple brand, you can buy additional warranty for only 100 dollars.

2. The App Store

This is debatable, but to many, the App Store is simply superior to the Google Play Store, due to its great exclusive apps and its high general quality. Yes, the App Store not only has timed exclusives, which are apps that first appear on iOS and only then make their way to Android, but it also has plenty of fully exclusive apps, which never get ported to Android. While nowadays there are less and less exclusive apps, the gap is still pretty wide. As for the quality of the App Store, iOS has a way higher standard of quality than Android, and that can be easily noticed through the lack of effortless clones which plague the Play Store.

3. Support for older phones

Apple is doing a good job in maintaining even their older phones alive, by updating them even after their time has passed. The iPhone 3GS, for instance, was supported since its 2009 release up until late 2012. I own one, and the phone still holds up today, 7 years after its release. Sure, the phone is slower than what you’d find on the market, but it is still usable, and it still is compatible with a few new apps. Given that most Android phones are abandoned by their manufacturers months after release, Apple is certainly doing a good job with their legacy support.

4. Easy to connect to Macs, iPads

If Android keeps you connected with all Google services, iOS allows you to connect your iPhone to other Apple products, such as Macs and iPads. This is great if you own another Apple device, as you can easily use your iPhone to sync data between your devices. The bond is the strongest between Macs and iPhones, though, as it allows you to do many things, such as using the iPhone as a remote for iTunes.

5. Siri

If you want a great digital assistant, or just want to be able to talk to your phone and have it tell you jokes, Siri is currently the best option. While Google’s service isn’t as good as Apple’s, and Microsoft’s Cortana is a serious competitor for iOS’ digital assitant, Siri is still the best assistant out there. Why? Because it was the first good one, and it stood the test of time, evolving along with the iPhone.

6. Jailbreak

While Android phones offer more power to the user, iOS can also be hacked, or “jailbroken”, in order to give the phone owner access to a lot of new apps and tweaks. Jailbreaking, just like its Android equivalent, called rooting, can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, and can permanently brick your phone. It also voids warranty, so if you choose to hack your iPhone, you should know your stuff.

7. Higher resale value

The final incontestable pro is the higher resale value iPhones have. It’s natural: all phones have an “expiry date”, when they just don’t cut it anymore. That’s when you either shove them into a drawer, letting them rot for eternity, or you sell them to someone who doesn’t have a huge budget for a phone. If you decide to sell your phone, then you will find that iPhones drop in value slower than Android phones, especially in comparison to no-name brands. Therefore, if you also plan ahead to the next phone you will have, you should take this into consideration.

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