7 Reasons Why Macs Are Better Than PCs

“It just works.” How many times have we heard that exact quote from someone who owns an Apple device? They say it claiming that the Apple experience is better than the others, but won’t give a good reason for it. In this article, we’ll look into the age-old debate of Macs vs PCs from the perspective of an Apple fan: we will go over 7 features that make Mac better than the alternatives.

No viruses

While PCs are fairly easy to become infected (all it takes are a couple of misplaced clicks, after all), Macs are almost impenetrable. That being said, Macs can also become infected with what Windows users can, such as spyware, malware and viruses, but it’s less of a problem for Mac users than Windows users. There are also no scummy toolbars that come bundled with software for Safari, so that’s also a bonus.

Amazing support

If something goes wrong on a Mac, then Apple has a plethora of support services available for all customers, ranging from online to physical support. Customers are able to either call Apple, contact them online, or even haul their Macbooks to the nearest Apple Retail Store, where an employee (dubbed “Genius” by Apple) will most likely solve their problem.


While some PC cases can be bulky and plainly ugly, Macs are, just like every piece of hardware Apple releases, simply beautiful. Macbooks are slim and chic, and because there isn’t a clear alternative to Apple’s style, that also means that they don’t cheap out on materials, making all Macs durable and sturdy.

Hardware isn’t the only pretty thing Macs have going for them: Apple’s OS X has always been a pretty operating system, with stylish icons, well-placed menus and an overall smooth experience for most end users who don’t want anything more from their laptop than decent web browsing and light app usage.

iOS integration

If you have a Mac, then it’s very likely that you also own an iPhone or an iPad. Apple knows this, and it seems that they’re taking advantage: an iPhone or an iPad can be very easily connected to a Mac for a multitude of amazing features that tie the devices together. With the recent “Hand-Off” feature, you can start writing an email, note or document on your mobile device and instantly continue on your Mac, without syncing or saving anything to the cloud. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, then you should also know that the Hand-Off feature can do much more, such as sync your Google searches. Additionally, you are able to sync data between devices and use your iPhone as a remote for iTunes.

Easier to buy

If you aren’t tech-savvy, and you don’t find anything interesting in building your own computer or choosing the perfect pre-built, then a Mac is for you! Given that Macs don’t offer many models, it’s way easier to choose one that fits both your wallet and your needs. Sure, they are more expensive, but you don’t have to do a lot of Internet research to find the model for you.

Best screens

While other companies are now announcing laptops with 4K screens, Apple’s screens are still the best you can find on the market. With their Retina technology, Apple is able to market laptops with beautiful colors and high resolutions. The current range of Retina screens also features anti-reflective coatings, which can’t be found on many other laptops on the market. The beautiful screens, combined with the style of the operating system make for a truly beautiful user experience.

Excellent software

While most programs and games are only released for Windows nowadays, Mac users don’t have to worry, as Apple provides a wide range of amazing software. From premium photo, video and audio editors to fun games that can be found on the Mac App Store, Mac users aren’t missing out on much, as they have their own custom experience.


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