7 Reasons Why PCs Are Better Than Mac

So you’re thinking of finally upgrading your computer, and you don’t know whether you want a Mac or a PC. After all, Apple fans are praising the capabilities of their Macs all over the Internet. However, while their quality can hardly be contested, you can’t deny that Macs are too pricey for their performance. That being said, if you’re looking for a new computer for which you don’t want to shell out thousands, a standard PC is the right choice. Why? Here is our list:

The Price

As previously mentioned, the price difference between a PC or a standard laptop, compared to a Mac or a Macbook with the same hardware is quite huge. This happens because Apple’s devices are considered a true fashion statement and a pop culture icon, so Apple can charge more for their hardware simply because of their branding. This is the same thing that happens with Beats by Dre on the headphones market.

If you don’t want an overkill PC with dual NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics cards, then your PC is unlikely to cost over what a Mac would.

More software

Because Windows is the most popular platform for computers, it’s also the one with the most software available. This includes games and programs, as developers always want to make sure that their product is available to a lot of people. Sure, Mac has some great first-party programs, but there are lots of great alternatives on Windows, many of them being free.


While Macs are only available as pre-built at retailers, with little to no customization and only featuring Apple hardware, the PC is a whole other story. Not only are PC components manufactured by different companies, meaning that you actually have a choice, but you can also build your own PCs, with whatever components you choose. This makes for a great educational experience, and because buying parts is cheaper, it can also save you a lot of money than buying a pre-built computer. It is advised to consult with experts or people with experience about the parts you want to buy, as you don’t want to screw anything up.


Let’s face it: no gamer will ever be satisfied with the Mac game catalog. Sure, Mac gaming has been making a lot of progress over the years, especially since the arrival of Steam on Mac, but Windows is still the only serious gaming operating system out there. Not to mention that most Macs only feature an integrated graphics card, so they aren’t very capable of running current games.

Actual innovation

For the past few years, Apple’s idea of “innovation” was taking their previous product and either making it bigger, or simplifying it to the point where it actually doesn’t have useful features anymore. This is also the case for the Macbook, as the newest iteration of Apple’s popular laptop only features one USB-C port. Sure, this might help them in the long run, if they properly adapt their accessories to accommodate the direction they’re going, but for the moment, it only earned them a lot of jokes at their expense.

Meanwhile, PC hardware manufacturers are actually trying to come up with new features to improve the PC experience. And because you can build your own computer with your own parts, that means you can create your own, innovative PC experience.

PC can do it better

Many Apple fans see OS X as the best feature of the Mac. However, not many people know that custom-made PCs can actually run OS X too, either through a Virtual Machine, or through dual-booting. The first option is pretty easy, and only requires you to follow some short guides on the Internet and own certain software. The other, however, doesn’t work on all PCs, and might require special hardware. If you’re on a laptop, you may also have to disable your dedicated GPU. It’s still sweet to know that you actually have a choice of running Apple’s prized operating system if you want, though.