Posted by newage on December 1st, 2017

If you're part of the Bing rewards program you know that you pretty much need to search using Bing all the time to earn their great rewards. But, maybe some days you forget or just can't use their mobile search page.

I developed this software that will search Bing's mobile and desktop site automatically! It utilizes the web browser functions of visual studio, HTML DOM element objects and header modifications to log in, log out and search for both mobile and desktop pages. You can use as many Bing accounts as you want, and search as fast as you want. This software has lots of customization settings including maximum searches for mobile and desktop, the speed of starting and searching, automatic starting option, automatic closing upon completion option and to add your own custom words to its selection of words to query.



  • Customization Options
  • Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Can minimize and let it work quietly in the background.
  • Searches both mobile and desktop pages
  • Different search types (images, videos, news, maps, and explore)
  • Adjustable Randomized Search Speeds
  • Custom Query Quantities
  • Automatically start, minimize and close upon completion (closing takes 30 seconds after completion)
  • Dictionary file of searchable words
  • Uses customized WebBrowser class separate from your computers web browser!
  • Unlimited Bing accounts.
  • Can use Proxies.
  • Microsoft Edge user-agent spoofing.
  • Random search times, and deleting login cookies to keep your accounts safe.
  • 100% free to use & Open source!


  • Modify accounts.txt to your Windows Live accounts.
  • You can also change words.txt to whatever random words you want generated to search by.
  • Use the File > Settings menu in the program to change search values.


To automate this process use the Windows Task Scheduler located in

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler


If you have any questions, concerns or bugs to report please reply to this page in the comment section below and I will reply within 24 hours. This program is 100% free of charge and free of viruses, malware and adware. Join our Facebook community and follow me on Twitter to get up to date news on Bing Rewards Bot!


This program uses the Visual Studios .net browser module to search the bing website. It then uses the DOM elements to click buttons and type in text boxes. Since every aspect of this program is self contained, we can use other options like hiding the browser window, minimizing the program and adjusting search speeds. Since this program is very simple in what it does I have released the source code.