Adrenaline-6.2 Vita Homebrew released!

Adrenaline is an amazing piece of homebrew built by TheFlow (@theflow0) that lets you play PSP and PSX games/homebrew on your PSVita! What I’ve experienced with Adrenaline is that the PSP games run perfect, but the PSX games framerate was either laggy or the screen would split and tear in games like Diablo. But it seems 6.2 has fixed this issue and now PSX games work great!

Here is the official changelog:

– Added f.lux by Rinnegatamante.
– Fixed PS1 framerate when using custom screen.
– Fixed bug where exiting a game with ‘High memory layout’ would crash.
– Fixed compatiblity with ‘Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep’ english patch, again.

If you have already been using Adrenaline and want to quickly update, simply open Adrenaline.vpk as zip file and copy all modules from sce_module to ux0:app/PSPEMUCFW/sce_module.

You can get his vpk file from his repo at

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