AMD RX 480 Video Card Released!

When Nvidia released their GeForce 1080/1070, I was not impressed. Their price point was completely unreachable for me and the specs were not that impressive considering most of the new features were mainly just for VR. Later I heard about AMD’s RX 480 and the very attractive price point of $199 and an 8GB model for $239. Currently I have a GTX 980 which was expensive for me at the time, but I bought it used on Amazon so I cut out as much of the cost as possible, and will be re-selling it to make some money back.

In all benchmarks the RX 480 was equivalent to the 970GTX except in the 1440 resolution (2k/4k) category which beat my 980GTX. On top of that, the 980GTX has only 4gb of video ram, so putting 2 RX 480’s together in Crossfire mode will give me 16gb of video ram. The benchmarks also showed 2 RX 480’s will rival the GeForce 1080 in most games, unless of course it is an OpenGL game which will then not support Crossfire.

The power saving and low power consumption reviews were given showing the RX 480 only at 150W where the Geforce 1080 was 180W. However, in some charts they did show a consumption of 170W while playing some more taxing games like Witcher 3. AMD says they will be trying to fix this to ensure it stays within the 150W range.

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