Android Screen Mirroring to PC Wirelessly

This took a few hours of research to actually figure out the correct way to mirror your screen to a PC for recording without a USB cable. Lots of tutorials will tell you to download some older APKs that don’t work with Marshmallow and above or require some extra settings they forget to tell you. So here is how I mirrored my Android screen wirelessly.


AllCast Chrome Extension (you do need Chrome for this) for your PC.
Screen Recording and Mirror Android App for your Android device.


– Install Chrome if you don’t have it already, then install the AllCast extension. Open a new tab in Chrome and press the Apps button in the upper left corner. Press AllCast.
– In Windows, open your Firewall Advanced settings. (press Windows start button, type in firewall).
Follow the screenshots below to add the “Inbound rule” of port 53515 with the name AllCast.
– Open the Screen Recording and Mirror app on your Android device. Select your AllCast PC.