Apple Watch Sport – The Most Popular Model

With the Apple Watch pre-orders being opened in April 10th, and 1/3 of the watches being the Sport model, this shows what the consumers want. Personally I exercise and I would want some device to show my heart beat to see if I’m within that target BPM to maximize my calorie loss. The unfortunate missing feature is water proof. It is water resistant but not being water proof could be a little scary.

Apple Watch has a water resistance rating of IPX7 under IEC standard 60529.

Ideally anyone who loves sports and/or working out would want something that is water proof. Imagine it’s a hot day out and you just went for a jog. Now you come back home and want to jump in your pool or your shower but you forgot your watch is on?! Now you just destroyed an expensive device. It’s not the end of the world knowing how good Apple is with product replacing, but just in case I highly recommend getting some sort of Apple Care warranty to protect your investment.


This tells me that Apple is trying to be very broad with their target audience. Making this product workable for both fitness geeks, the daily user and the fashion centric. The product looks nice, but its use case on either side is light. The daily user might find the interface difficult to use easily, while the fitness geeks might see this device fail quickly or not offer all the options they are looking for. Not to mention the poor battery life.

If you’re at work for 8-10 hours like me, and you exercise after work, the possibility of your watch having enough battery to get you through the entire exercise hour or two, will be slim.
Learn more about the Apple Watch’s battery life here. We will have to see the reviews later when the product launches to see just how much use everyone gets out of this watch. I would advise anyone looking at this watch as a possible option to wait and see the reviews before pre-ordering as Apple’s first generation of devices have a tendency to be pushed away later in that product line’s life span. An example being the iPod,iPad and iPhone first generation devices disappearing and no longer being supported.

UPDATE: My mother got one, and she had to charge it 2 times in 1 day, and it still died by 5pm. What a piece of crap.