April 2015 Project Updates

Coming Soon?

This month I will be working on the upcoming software EmuSteam. I had a working alpha build, but I decided to completely redesign it, so I started all over again. Even I’m not sure of what will come of the project, but hopefully something good and working that everyone can use.


I’m trying to grow my user base and the quality of the videos I have been making. So I’m working towards removing the 4 second intro for a better higher quality intro with title cards and outro video. Because of the very low money I make off of youtube and the website combined I still have to shoot video with my camera phone till I get enough to purchase an HD camera.


I want to be transparent with all my visitors, so I’m going to say that I make less than $100 every 2 months off this site. This IP I consider my own and I will always upload my software here, and ensure that my software stays bug free. The cost of maintenance well exceeds any money I make. Any donations or money made from website/youtube go towards this IP in some way to help it grow.

$100 – Business Class Internet
$105 – Yearly SSL renewal
$38 – WHM/CPanel
$N/A – Hardware Repairs

New Logo

I found someone online who did logo designs and had them make a logo for New Age Soldier. This logo will be used in videos, websites, projects and anything else related to this IP.


It saddens me that there is absolutely no good forum plugins that work with other templates. They all seem to want the basic template given by WordPress, and not any custom made ones. I started receiving PHP error messages on simple functions and no one was using them so I brought them down for now. I think in the future it might have to be a separate software. I just like the idea of keeping the theme and you guys can use your same login credentials.

Netflix look-a-like v2

This project is now called WMC (Web Media Center). It will let you use a members only subscription base and upload videos not related to the film industry. Not to mention an easier setup with no cURL required with still keeping the no DB setup. It’s still a work in progress, and for everyone who is waiting keep in mind there are so many alternatives. XBMC Web and Plex just to name a few.