April / May 2016 Updates

Bing Rewards

The Bing Rewards bot is back in working order as stated by the other users. I had to incorporate AutoIt to handle some controlled clicking and typing to manipulate the code. Microsoft has decided to change from a plain HTML format to a Javascript based format which made filling in the values not work. You can download the new version 1.1.3 at the project page.

Mac OS X Cheat Engine

Lots of you have voiced the issue with El Capitan. The icon bounces up and down until you force it to quit. Well there is a fix, and it involves disabling System Integrity Protection. You can follow the instructions at the project page or the youtube video.


There are 3 big updates to this project. You can use any module name you want, program in your game codes inside the source code without the need of a codes.ini file and do an AoB scan in the Cheat Engine format! This makes converting your codes to C# a much easier task. I converted all the game-trainers to support the new 1.1.0 Memory.dll

Image Find

Using this project, we can improve any form of botting. I already created a new function in EQTrainer’s AutoBot to find and click on an image. Also made a small project WoWFishBot. I’ve been told it works pretty well when you adjust the sensitivity slider to fit your needs. For more info, check out the project page.


I made a few tutorial videos, but next month there will be lots more coming. In the mean time, I will be streaming at twitch.tv/erfg12


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