April / May 2016 Updates

Bing Rewards

The Bing Rewards bot is back in working order as stated by the other users. I had to incorporate AutoIt to handle some controlled clicking and typing to manipulate the code. Microsoft has decided to change from a plain HTML format to a Javascript based format which made filling in the values not work. You can download the new version 1.1.3 at the project page.

Mac OS X Cheat Engine

Lots of you have voiced the issue with El Capitan. The icon bounces up and down until you force it to quit. Well there is a fix, and it involves disabling System Integrity Protection. You can follow the instructions at the project page or the youtube video.


There are 3 big updates to this project. You can use any module name you want, program in your game codes inside the source code without the need of a codes.ini file and do an AoB scan in the Cheat Engine format! This makes converting your codes to C# a much easier task. I converted all the game-trainers to support the new 1.1.0 Memory.dll

Image Find

Using this project, we can improve any form of botting. I already created a new function in EQTrainer’s AutoBot to find and click on an image. Also made a small project WoWFishBot. I’ve been told it works pretty well when you adjust the sensitivity slider to fit your needs. For more info, check out the project page.


I made a few tutorial videos, but next month there will be lots more coming. In the mean time, I will be streaming at twitch.tv/erfg12


  1. Removed the existing BingRewards application from my programs via Uninstall. Installed the new updated 1.1.3, but application bingRewards and bingRewards.exe will not run. Is the new login code still a work in progress?

      1. I thought my regedit exe file paths may have been corrupted but I am not sure now. I reset to Windows 7 default for exe file names, but the bingRewards.exe still will not run – as in it does open anything, no applications open – just zip. Any clue as to where to diagnose?

          1. Fixed it somehow.

            New issue.. haha. The login screen will load the username and password, but results in “Please enter your phone number or your email address in the format someone@example.com” and “Please enter the password for your Microsoft account.”

            The underlying text “Email or phone number” and “Password” are still visible underneath. Not sure if this has to do with the new Java interface, which makes the copy/paste username and password inept. You are able to login to Bing via your application with no problem?

          2. No dice. The browser being displayed indicates the sign in is not successful. I threw in a few more accounts into the accounts.txt and none of them logged in either.

  2. Even more interesting now. When I download your old version, the one available through cnet, v1.1.1 opens and I can actually get your Application to open. That’s when I hit the snag with logging into Microsoft’s account. When I download using newage’s link, straight to v1.1.3, the application fails to even open. If it’s useful, I am on Windows 7.

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