Purchased my Asus TP500LN laptop brand new. Some models are sold with GeForce graphics cards so you can game on a transformer type laptop. This is the main reason I purchased this laptop. One that doubles as a touchscreen tablet or a laptop.

However, I have had several issues with the laptop upon arrival. This was the beginning of a long journy to try and get this laptop in running condition. The list below shows how many times I needed to send this back. Please note that it takes time to send/receive and repair the laptop.

1) The fans were running at a constant 100% speed, and the hard drive could barely boot in to the OS! Sometimes ranging from 5 minutes to infinite as it would just lock up.

2) I received it back with only a new OS installed. Of course the laptop still locked up and the fans were still running at full speed.

3) The laptop was spitting out sparks from the hinge and melted the laptop case.

I was able to capture some footage of the end of the sparks shooting out. There were much bigger sparks when it started, I had the laptop on my bed which luckily did not burn down my house.