Battle Royale: The New Trend

Now that the MOBA genre is slowly starting to be established (the three titans are in place – League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, with other popular titles just behind them), it’s only natural for a new trend to appear on the game market. It seems that it is now the turn of Battle Royale games to step up to the front lines, and just as with MOBAs, they’re already starting to appear everywhere. In a few years, we’ll have the known bestsellers, but until then, given the Early Access tags on these games, you should be extremely careful when choosing the one for you. Let’s go over the most popular ones and see if they’re worth your money.

The Culling

$15/15 euro/11 GBP
An introduction is not really necessary for this game, as if you look at the main page of Twitch right now, you’ll probably see The Culling among the ten most popular games played. This is because its development team is one of the best around, which actually listens to its community, but also because that same development team managed to create one of the most fun and action-packed battle royale game currently on the market. In fact, it’s done so well, that it defines the genre, and I will use it to explain the genre for those who don’t know what battle royale means.

Battle royale at its finest, The Culling pits you against 16 other players in a map with 20 minutes to kill the others and be the last one standing. In The Culling’s great environments, you will find a lot of weapons and resources to help you get the edge over your enemies. Onde you’re dead, you’re booted to the title screen. Game over!

ARK: Survival Of The Fittest

Recently, the developers of the popular ARK:Survival Evolved, the popular dinosaur survival game, have been split into two teams and have created ARK:Survival Of The Fittest, which is completely free, and features a battle royale style of gameplay. Of course, this isn’t exactly The Culling with dinosaurs added, but it’s free, and by free they don’t mean microtransaction-heavy: the game is 100% free. At the moment, given that the game is still new and in Early Access, it has a lot of bugs and glitches, with one player being automatically killed in two sessions, and then being ranked as number 1 globally on the game’s leaderboards. Still, if you don’t have 15 bucks to shell out on The Culling, ARK:Survival Of The Fittest is a great free alternative.

Minecraft: The Hunger Games

20 euro (cost of the base game)
This is where it all started. As the name implies, this mod and the entire genre was influenced by the popular book and movie series The Hunger Games. The most basic form of battle royale, this game mode is extremely popular and so widespread that you will most likely find it on all Minecraft servers. Since its release, updates to the game title have helped this game mode a lot, as the players now find enchanted items in chests spread around the wilderness.


A fantastic new genre, battle royale provides a lot of fast paced fun which can hardly be found in other types of games. It will be a blast seeing what developers come up with to further develop this genre, as it currently already is quite polished, despite most games being tagged as “Early Access” on their Steam store pages.