Become a New Age Soldier Developer

Do you know any programming languages and make software or scripts? New Age Soldier wants to help you and your software succeed! Joining this program is 100% free!


  • Google Cloud non-static file hosting. (fast downloading world wide)
  • Low population shared web server in a Texas datacenter. (unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 up time, 5 ISP’s, cPanel, etc.)
  • YouTube video on the New Age Soldier channel. (1500 subscribers and growing)
  • Author privileges on (average 1500-2500 unique visitors a day)
  • Tweets and Facebook posts. (twitter: 3k followers, Facebook: 400 likes)
  • Discord channel developer role.
  • A developer driven community to help debug and build your software.
  • A code sign certificate (New Age Software, LLC) for MacOS and Windows platforms. (optional)
  • Software logo image on the top of (our featured software section)
  • Your own forum on the bulletin board system.

Is this development program for everyone? No, we want to help individuals who are not million dollar companies. If you are an individual or a very small group of people who need help with their project, please get in contact with us so we can get you started!