Best Android Games To Play With Friends

If you’ve ever found yourself with a lot of free time and your friends around you, but you have no thing better to do than sit on your phones in silence, I bet you wanted to have a great game on your phone. Well, here are some great apps for both Android and iOS which can bring a lot of fun with friends!

Heads Up!

Price: Free(Android)/$0.99(iOS); Has additional categories for $0.99 a piece

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“Heads Up!” is, without a doubt, the most fun you can have with a phone and a few friends around you. The game is basically a new version of  “Charades”: one person has to hold the phone with the screen towards the others, and the others have to mimic or give clues about what is on the screen in order for you to guess. The best part about this game is the fact that the camera facing the other players actually records their movement, so you can all laugh at their silly clues.

The game isn’t new at all, but it keeps getting updated with new categories. If you want to watch footage of it, here’s a clip from Ellen DeGeneres’ (which is actually the creator of the game) show:


Price: Free(Android/iOS); In-App Purchases for “XP bonuses”

Google Play | App Store

QuizUp is a fantastic, free trivia game which not only allows you to play against people all over the world and make friends based on your interests, but it can also prove to be a fantastic game against friends, both local, and online. The game features a lot of categories, ranging from general knowledge to pop culture, such as “Name That Pokemon”. It pits you against another player and offers you both 7 questions with 4 answers. The faster you answer, the better your score will be.

This game is really addictive, even against strangers, but it gets truly fun when you play against someone you know.


Price: Free(Android/iOS); In App Purchases

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Spaceteam is a really fun local multiplayer game similar to “Simon Says”, in which you get certain instructions your teammates quickly have to follow to avoid losing. This game does not require an Internet connection, but it does require all players to be connected to the same router. The game is really fun when you’re playing with a larger group, as it is based on communication and teamwork.

Glow Hockey 2

Price: Free(Android/iOS)

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This game has been out for a few years now, but it keeps getting re-installed on everyone’s smartphones. Why? Because Glow Hockey 2 provides a lot of fun by simulating an arcade hockey experience. While the game can be played single player, the fun is in the multiplayer component, just like everything else. A bigger screen is required for this game, though, as playing it on a small phone can prove to be a frustrating experience.

Sea Battle 2

Price: Free(Android/iOS)

Google Play | App Store

Sea Battle 2 is a throwback to the old Battleship game that millions of children play when bored at school. It involves both you and your opponent placing ships of different sizes on a grid, and then taking turns at guessing where their ships are placed. When you guess correctly, you “hit” their ship. Once one player’s ships are all sunken, that player loses.

This app’s graphics are also reminiscent of its most common form: ink on paper. The game can be played via Bluetooth on two devices, or if you only have one phone, you can use a pass-and-play style. Additionally, if you don’t have any friends, why are you reading this article? you can try out the Online version, which has you playing against people worldwide.