Best of CES 2016 Awards

With CES 2016 now over, it’s important that we take inventory and choose the best tech unveiled this year. Without further ado, here are our winners of the year, and the categories they won.

Best smartphone: The Huawei GX8

Unveiling a plethora of mobile devices this year, Chinese company Huawei seems to be on a roll. Among other devices, the one that truly shines is the Huawei GX8. With a $350 price tag, the phone features a metal chassis, a fingerprint scanner and delivers premium experience for a decent price.

Most innovative company:LG

With two truly noteworthy products, LG wins our most innovative company award. First, the company unveiled its Signature Fridge, which upon knocking, turns transparent in order to show you its contents, thus making it easier to check whether or not there’s something good to eat. The second amazing innovation is their roll-up screen. While its prototype cannot be folded, and the LEDs start malfunctioning when run while rolled-up, the interesting screen can display Full-HD, and the idea itself is very interesting.

Best VR headset: The HTC Vive

After the Internet’s reaction to Oculus Rift’s absurd price tag, it’s no surprise that the HTC Vive will win this year’s battle at CES. The love child of game developer and publisher Valve and phone manufacturer HTC, the Vive was announced to have an April release, and has already launched a developer kit, called the Vive Pre. The headset features an additional camera on the front, meant to show the user images of what’s ahead of them should they accidentally wander out of the Vive’s operational range. Another feature of the Vive is the Chaperone system, which uses sensors to accurately track the user’s movements.

Best Smart Car: The Volkswagen BUDD-e microbus

While it may sound strange that a microbus is our choice for best Smart Car, the choice is mostly due to the BUDD-e’s fast charging technology. While small and not that good-looking, the BUDD-e can be charged to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. With more and more electric cars coming to the market, we hope that Volkswagen will learn to share this technology for a better future.

Best wearable: Smartshoe 001

Combining both the usefulness of a fitness bracelet with the innovation of being able to control the heat, the Smartshoe 001 is the best wearable of the year. Its heat system allows you to adjust the temperature of your shoes to your liking using your smartphone, and it also tracks steps and fitness information more accurately than a fitness band.

Best laptop: The Razer Blade Stealth

While there are many laptops recently announced, the one that truly stole the show was Razer’s Blade Stealth laptop, due to its dual role. On one side, it features incredible portability, by being very thin and light. On the other side, it’s a full-fledged gaming machine, featuring a 4K display and a thunderbolt slot in which you can connect a top-notch GPU so you can play the newest games on the market.

Best software: Netflix

While Netflix is in no way new, its announcement blew our minds when the company suddenly announced that they started service in over 130 countries in one single day. That’s right: now, most of the world has access to Netflix, making it one of the biggest TV content distributors in the world. At the moment, the few countries that do not have access to Netflix are communist states, such as China, and small states, such as Qatar.

Honorable mentions: HP Elitebook Folio G1, Sensorwake, Segway Advanced Personal Robot

All those above are fantastic pieces of technology that have truly impressed us, but did not secure a winner’s spot in any category. It will definitely be worth it to keep an eye out on those products, and we’re excited to see how they will do on the market.

The best of the best: SCiO

The one gadget that impressed us the most was SCiO, an advanced sensor that can tell you nutritional information about your food, and can tell you the molecular composition of medicine and other objects. With such a small device doing all that, we can’t help but be impressed.