Bigger and Cheaper SSD’s Coming Soon!

Solid States are the better storage medium when building or purchasing a computer. Even when setting up a server, I still would recommend a solid state. They have no moving parts which means you don’t need fans to keep those things cool, runs 10x faster, you can move the device around and not worry about loss of data and it has a MUCH longer life span. But the only issue is, the price. They generally cost about $1 per Gb, but when on sale can cost $0.50 per Gb. Right now on Newegg there are spinning hard drives of 2Tb in size for only $80. The only reason spinning hard drives still exist today is because they offer more storage space at a cheaper price.

Just a few days ago, Intel and Micron shared some new details of their 3D NAND technology.


3D NAND adds a new dimension to producing flash modules. By stacking cells vertically, density is improved, which allows for more capacity in the same dimensions. Intel and Micron have further refined this process by using a floating gate cell for the first time in 3D NAND production.

Near the beginning of next year, we can start seeing cheaper SSD hard drives and bigger storage options.