Bing Rewards Bot v1.1.0 released!

New Features

  • Proxies can now be used! You can now use (account)/(pass)/(proxy)/(port) in accounts.txt. If you don’t have a proxy, you can still use (account)/(pass)
  • Dashboard browsing by right clicking on the account on the left panel and selecting the option. Will use your proxy data so you can browse the redeem store and do daily rewards.
  • Disable random sentence generator. Useful if you have your own sentences typed up in the words.txt file.
  • New clear cache class function. This fixes the problem of seeing old accounts still logged in, when they really are not.
  • InternetOption to delete Cookies. I don’t think this does anything different, but added it anyways. Now system physically deletes cookies, and triggers the IE setting to delete them.
  • InternetOption to allow all 3rd party cookies will automatically be turned on before starting.
  • Resized the UI to fit smaller monitors.

You can download this version at the Bing Rewards Bot project page.


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