Bing Rewards Search Bot

If you’re part of the Bing rewards program you know that you pretty much need to search using Bing all the time to earn their great rewards. But, maybe some days you forget or just can’t use their mobile search page, now that they require 20 searches on mobile and 30 on desktop.

I developed this software that will search Bing’s mobile and desktop site automatically! It utilizes the web browser functions of visual studio, HTML DOM element objects and header modifications to log in, log out and search for both mobile and desktop pages. You can use as many Bing accounts as you want, and search as fast as you want. This software has lots of customization settings including maximum searches for mobile and desktop, the speed of starting and searching, automatic starting option, automatic closing upon completion option and to add your own custom words to its selection of words to query.


  • Customization Options
  • Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Can minimize and let it work quietly in the background.
  • Searches both mobile and desktop pages
  • Different search types (images, videos, news, maps, and explore)
  • Adjustable Randomized Search Speeds
  • Custom Query Quantities
  • Automatically start, minimize and close upon completion (closing takes 30 seconds after completion)
  • Dictionary file of searchable words
  • Uses customized WebBrowser class separate from your computers web browser!
  • Unlimited Bing accounts.
  • Random search times, and deleting login cookies to keep your accounts safe.
  • 100% free to use & Open source!


  • Modify accounts.txt to your Windows Live accounts.
  • You can also change words.txt to whatever random words you want generated to search by.
  • Use the File > Settings menu in the program to change search values.


To automate this process use the Windows Task Scheduler located in

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler



Select the Action tab > Create Basic Task option to create a task that can execute every day.
Don’t forget to change the settings.ini autoclose to 1 so the program can close upon completion!


If you have any questions, concerns or bugs to report please reply to this page in the comment section below and I will reply within 24 hours. This program is 100% free of charge and free of viruses, malware and adware. Join our Facebook community and follow me on Twitter to get up to date news on Bing Rewards Bot!


This program uses the Visual Studios .net browser module to search the bing website. It then uses the DOM elements to click buttons and type in text boxes. Since every aspect of this program is self contained, we can use other options like hiding the browser window, minimizing the program and adjusting search speeds. Since this program is very simple in what it does I have released the source code.




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  1. Tried this out, the bot doesn’t seem to log into accounts correctly. I don’t know how to code though, so I don’t know the exact issue. As of now, it appears to do the searches, but is not logged in.

    1. Are you using windows xp?

      If you are, you need to enable all cookies in the privacy setting of Internet Explorer as WebBrowser shares settings.

      1. Nope, I’m using Windows 7. I’ve attached the following screenshots to demonstrate:

        I appears to drop the name in correctly, and even says “logging in”, but then when the dashboard is pulled up it appears not to be signed in.

        I’ve checked the account separately and its still fine.

        1. Another update:

          If I manually click on the “connect” button within the dashboard, the account will immediately connect and the searches get credited to the correct account.

          The account won’t swap either.

          I’m not sure what the hiccup is, but I wonder if its either 1) the history not being cleared (I’ve seen other programs clear the browser history before logging in and after logging out), or 2) needing one more step after logging in to connect the account to bing.

          It does appear to be logging in, but the issue seems to be communication between bing and the account.

          Not sure I can explain it better.

          1. I cannot forcefully clear cookies as that would make this program incompatible with other operating systems. That’s why I bring the webbrowser to the logout link and it should redirect you to after it’s complete. What is your settings.ini information?

        2. Ok, it’s possible that your internet options are not allowing the cookie to be set. Try lowering the privacy slider to the bottom to accept 3rd party cookies. Try logging in with bing rewards on internet explorer. If it cannot login there, then my program cannot login either.

          1. Tried that (lowering the privacy slider to the bottom).

            I have the same (a similar) issue in IE. If I sign in to “”, when I swap to ‘’ I’m not signed into Rewards until I click “connect” (but it doesn’t ask me for a password). If I sign in directly at “” though, Rewards are immediately connected.

  2. The web search takes longer to credit than image searches I believe, it needs almost 100 searches to get 1 point credited. Can you somehow modify the code to include an image search feature then?

    1. I just released a new version 5 minutes ago. If you download it you can change the searchtype setting to images to do image searches. You can also do news, explore, videos and maps.

  3. Thanks for making this bot. its been working great for me and i really appreciate it.
    The only thing that I would like to see changed is to add a range of times between searches (5-10 sec instead of 5 sec).

    1. You can change the search times, which would then lengthen the search in-between times. It’s all in the settings.ini file.

  4. I started using it a week ago; it was fine. However, in the past two days, mobile searches and the special search credits don’t work. And for desktop, searches didn’t work until I switched the search type to images.

    1. Do you have any anti-virus programs or addons for IE etc that could be interfering? You can also try slowing the searches down by modifying settings.ini

  5. Hi. Thanks for the great software.

    I would like to make the time between searches randomized instead of fixed. Is there a way to do this? Thanks so much.

    1. You could modify the code. Use the randomize function to generate a random time to search. I’ll think about maybe using that as an optional setting.

  6. I have a problem where it puts the correct login information into the program but the next page that comes up always says it is logged in to the same account. THat account is the only one getting points right now.

    1. Seems to work fine for a lot of people, including myself. Did you validate that the second/third, etc accounts have the appropriate credentials?

  7. I seem to be having the same issue as a few other people. The program isn’t logging out of the most recently used account on startup. I have three accounts. It will input the correct login info for the first account but stayed logged in as the third account. So, my first account isn’t getting any points.

  8. First time trying it out and nothing happens after pressing the start button.I checked the accounts file and the [email]/[password] formatting is correct and I changed IE settings to accept all cookies for good measure. Any idea why it’s not working?

    1. Literally nothing happens? It should start reading the emails and passwords for Live (doesnt work for facebook). If there are no email accounts typed in, or it cannot read the file, it should go immediately to donations page. If it cannot login, it should say over and over it cannot login.

      1. The donations page does pop up, but that’s it. I do have the email account/password typed in like this.
        Also, the email is a Live account.

        1. It will only do that if it cannot read the accounts.txt file. Did you rename the file, or does it not have the proper permissions to read? Try placing the folder on your desktop and running it.

          1. I didn’t rename the file, and the folder is on the desktop. I also checked the permissions and it has full permission.

  9. I didn’t rename the file, and the folder is on the desktop. I also checked the permissions and it has full permission.

  10. Thanks for an awesome program!
    I’m trying to disable the sound (make it completely mute), went to your WebClickSound, commented the entire class out, still get the clicking sound, can you tell me what am I missing?

    Also, it doesn’t auto close? (gets stuck on ….”ppsecure/.post.srf?”) Why?

      1. Either way, thanks for a great piece of software. I forked your project on git, and will post anything I come up with there.

      2. Updating the IE to the latest version (11) fixed the issue with browser getting stuck on ”ppsecure/.post.srf?”, which in turn fixed autoclose issues.

  11. I have two different IPs that I use regularly to acquire points through. I would like to have 2 seperate “bingrewards” folders with two programs but I am prevented from running the program a secondary time (even if its a different .exe in a different folder with different settings and accounts), it just takes me back to the donation page as if it will not run from the beginning. Any ways to remedy this?

    1. I’m guessing you are running 2 different IP’s on the same computer with a VPN. If you run 1 program, let it complete and close, then you connect to your VPN and run your second program, there shouldn’t be an issue unless your second VPN has some security measures on it?

        1. Sounds like some settings or something is messed up at your home computer for IE. Check to make sure settings in IE are set to default and you accept all cookies. If that doesn’t work, you can make a VM and run it that way.

  12. been using this for a month now. the past day or so, i have been not getting any points added to 4 of my accounts, even though searches go though. also, the first account always shows another account logged in even though its not since day one.

    1. Double check that those 4 programs have not been banned. If you see the little piggy bank at the bottom of the page with 0 / 10 points then the account is banned.

  13. Works amazing, only problem I had is on second run remains logged into the last account saved. Fixed by adding all accounts twice to the list….
    Is it possible to get this to run under my TOR browser?

    1. It will not work for a TOR browser, it has it’s own web browser class. Logging shouldn’t be an issue, but why don’t you re-download the newest one and let me know if it works for you. If it still doesn’t skip to the next account, post back here and let me know. There’s a small fix I can do to maybe fix it.

  14. This bot looks works well but for some reason I’m not getting points for searches. Any leads on what’s causing the problem.

  15. I have 3 accounts on the script, and I’ve been running it for 2 weeks. The script stopped working, I even downloaded the code off of again.
    The accounts don’t have piggy at the bottom, and if I do it manually the rewards work… What can be the issue?

  16. Hello, I first want to say thank you for taking the time out and making such a great product for people. Im a new user of this software (a month) and I want to let you know what I think. First, I followed the instruction to allow it to run automatically at 630am. At 630 it brings up the software but does not click/run “start”. Is there a way to fix that within the settings or bug? Second, your settings page makes it very easy to configure how you want to run the bot. Third, the bot does not click on the daily reward points (am i doing something wrong?). Another, is the ability to select from the program, only one account (like a drop down menu with check marks beside each account) to run a account individually if you wanted. Lastly, I believe the word search needs to be tweaked to properly “humanize” the bot. For instance no human would search “Judged impaired boors catmint.” (small problem but may lead bing to ban if they monitor the searches).
    Once again thank you for the program and look forward to hearing from you.

  17. Love the program! If I could recommend a future feature, that would be to include the current number of points next to each account so we known when it is time to redeem for a particular account. Thanks!

  18. seems i can not get this bot running. when i start it a box comes up with bing rewards search bot in top left corner with smaller boxes for account, mode, # left, address, accounts, and browser… all of which are blank in the spaces alotted. it just sits there like that. what am i doing wrong?

    1. Did you modify the settings and accounts files? If you did, make sure the program has read access on those files. Do not execute the program while it is in a zip, place contents in a folder like on your desktop.

  19. First off let me say thank you for the work you have put into this program, it is great. However, I agree with Tyler’s comment from December when he said: “I believe the word search needs to be tweaked to properly “humanize” the bot. For instance no human would search “Judged impaired boors catmint.”

    I have created multiple word lists and I still get “unhuman” results. Is there any way to have this program search for only 1 or 2 words from the wordlist per search?

    1. I assume you mean nouns mixed with verbs and adjectives? You could program it that way if you want to, but the thing is Bing doesn’t look in to this stuff. The only thing they might check for is gibberish, like if you never use english,spanish,japanese etc. words. I have been running my bot since it was made, and if I follow within their visible/invisible guidelines I will be safe.

      For example, only use 5 accounts per IP (I use 6, but I have yet to be banned), claim a maximum of 1 prize per day per IP, always use the same IP to claim that you have been using to mine with, and never log in to the accounts on known bad public IP addresses like ones from hotspotshield.

      That’s it. Just use your personal IP address and stay within 5 accounts. I have claimed over 20+ prizes and still going strong.

      If you’re from another country it will be difficult since public IP addresses have been mined and banned. If you get 500 points and try to claim on these public IP addresses it will not let you. You also need a valid phone number (non VOIP) to claim the rewards as well.

  20. Desktop searches aren’t getting credited with the bot, but mobile searches are. If I go to bing through IE and manually search, I get points.

    It has been working fine until yesterday.

    1. Some people have had this issue before. It’s some kind of issue with Bing, perhaps the searches are too fast? You can either slow them down, or switch to another type of search like image, video or news searching.

    1. What sort of issues? I do not use any special code to detect email addresses, it’s very cut and dry. It copies the entire email address and puts it in the correct text box and parses at the backslash.

  21. Thanks for making this, I haven’t had any issues (yet) but I fully expect something to go wrong in the near future. It’s just too good to be true.

    Any tips on how to not flag Bing so these accounts don’t get banned? I have 10 right now, made between 3 different IP addresses, but I only have one phone number to split between them all for verification purposes when I redeem them.

    1. Well I can only say what has kept my accounts safe. I have 6 accounts all under 1 address with the same last names and same phone number. I redeem only 1 account per day. I make sure that they stay on the same IP address both when searching and redeeming and that the IP address I use is only used by me and no one else.

  22. I really enjoy this product over others so far, however I do seem to get this issue where it seems to ‘cap’ how many accounts it searches. No matter what i seem to try after a random amount of accounts the program just kind of stops doing searches forever. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong on my end, or if others have been having this kind of issue and there is a fix I could do. I really do enjoy this bot and the extra money from the bing rewards has been helping me a lot, so hoping for some help soon.

  23. Is there anyway to for the bot to only use 2-3 words from the word file? I feel 4 and sometimes 5 is too nonsenseical

  24. Hello, How to edit the words.txt, please ? I use notepad to edit it but it seems not working @@ Can you tell me which program you use for editing words.txt ,please ?

    1. Just edit the file with notepad, save and run. The program needs to be able to read this file, so if you have any file restrictions on your computer or an anti-virus program that restricts programs in any way, then you might have issues. Try pausing your anti-virus and see if it runs.

  25. Got it working, but it seems to be going way too fast when searching. I tried slowing it down in the settings, but it changed nothing. How do I slow it down so it doesn’t look like I’m using a bot? Other than that, it’s great, thanks for this.

      1. Ah, I was doing it backwards. Silly me. Anyways, great program, will definitely donate once I get some money.

  26. I can’t seem to permanently change settings. I run the application, go to settings, change them, hit save, but when I restart the program, the settings revert to default. I can’t find “settings.ini” either. Also, even though the settings say it does 30 desktop searches, it only does 20.

    1. Just an update:
      I managed to permanent change the settings, but the gui in the application didn’t work; I had to manually change it in the file. However, the desktop searches still only does 20, even after I changed the value to 40 searches

    1. I’ve figured out the problem. The system doesn’t take the desktop quantity, but instead, uses the mobile quantity for both. Also, the settings don’t save, so I have to change them every time.

      1. I figured it out too. The mobile searches reflect the settings properly, but the desktop searches do not. Try the new uploaded version I just put up.

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