Borderlands GoTY Edition Cheats

Lock, Load, & Face the Madness Get ready for the mind blowing insanity! Play as one of four trigger-happy mercenaries and take out everything that stands in your way! With its addictive action, frantic first-person shooter combat, massive arsenal of weaponry, RPG elements and four-player co-op*, Borderlands is a breakthrough…

Trainer Author: Flux.

Author Notes:
Do not use lots of codes at the same time (it may result in a crash), for instance if you have inf shield turned on, you don’t need inf health and vice versa.
The leveling cheats and stats, use them how you want, then get a checkpoint or save and reload, and they should take effect.
Also there are a couple of cheats marked with a * these require both the trainer and the game to be run with admin rights to work.
The * marked cheats also give extra bonus features (see the about tab on the trainer).

Game Version: 1.5.0

– Infinite Money, Health, Shield, Skill Points, Vehicle HP, Vehicle Boost, etc.
– Level 50 weapon proficiency.
– Fast ability cooldown.
– Jump booster