Bright Game Panel Jedi Knight Support Files

I was hosting a minecraft server remotely using Bright Game Panel and I thought I would try controlling my Jedi Knight servers using this. But, they don’t support Jedi Knight! I decided to make some files so now it supports JK2, JK3 and OpenJK.

BGPanel Website:


1) Upload the libs folder (with its contents) inside the bgpanel folder.

2) Import the database.sql file to your database.

3) Go to the BGPanel website and select “Boxes” from the top menu bar, and setup a box if you haven’t already. After that, click on the “Game File Repositories” tab in the boxes page and look for “Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy” and press the download button next to it. Let it download the required files. Refresh the page and wait till it says “Ready” in green next to it.