Canceled Saints Row Game Now Available For FREE

The Saints Row series has gained a lot of popularity since its initial release for the Xbox 360 back in 2006, which focused mainly on gang war, trying to simulate the Grand Theft Auto experience. However, since then, it has also changed direction, as instead of doing serious gang business, the Saints have recently done some really crazy stuff, such as killing an alien overlord and even defeating Satan.

While the series still had a serious tone, however, the series developer Volition decided to develop a spin-off for the PSP, intending to be their answer to the popular Grand Theft Auto spin-offs, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. The game was initially titled “Saints Row: The Fall”, but then was dubbed “Saints Row: Undercover”. It took place between Saints Row 1 and 2, and its story presented a civil war within the Saints, which split the fictional city of Stilwater. Within 20 main missions the game would have featured, we would have taken the role of an undercover police officer in charge of investigating the civil war within the Saints. At the end of the game, the player could choose to join the Saints and betray the police, thus creating multiple endings.

Although it was Volition’s decision to create the game, in charge of development was initially Mass Media Games, with whom Volition had already worked in the past. The development task was then given to Savage Entertainment, who had ported several games to the PSP. The game was initially meant to be a simple port of Saints Row 2 for the PSP, but quickly became an original project.

There were other activities supposed to be available in Stilwater, the game featuring side missions, character customization and even coop multiplayer, a feature found in many PSP games.

Saints Row: Undercover had a short playable prototype available, but once it was presented, the team decided that the game just didn’t fit the norm for a Saints Row game, and thus the game was canceled, with its PSP development kit being hidden in one of Volition’s storage rooms.

The game was intended to be the first Saints Row title to be released on a portable console, and while another 3DS title was announced (titled “Saints Row: Drive-By”) neither was released to the general public.

That is, until now! Some of the developers of the game recently found the canceled prototype for “Saints Row: Undercover” and convinced their bosses that the game needs to be shared with their fans. This is why you can play the game right now, on your PC!

Given that the game is only a prototype, you shouldn’t expect to get too much out of it, as its performance, graphics and gameplay are fairly mediocre. Also, the game isn’t finished, so don’t download it thinking you’ll get a lot of game time out of it. It’s still very interesting to be able to play an unreleased game, and we hope that many other developers will follow Volition and will start releasing their old prototypes.

Below are some download links for the game and for a PSP emulator. Enjoy!

How to play it?

Given that the prototype was uploaded on the Internet recently, you can easily download it from any of these links:

The file is an .ISO file and has 431 MB.

Once you have downloaded the .ISO file, you will need an emulator on which to run the game. The best PSP emulator for PC is PPSSPP, and once you have it up and running, you can open the .ISO file from the emulator menu and get to playing this fantastic game. Some computers might not be able to run the game, as low-end computers will struggle to emulate PSP games, but nowadays, most computers should run this game no problem.

At the moment, the game is not playable on a PSP console, but support for modded consoles is being worked on.