Posted by newage on December 1st, 2017
Hey everyone, here is a trainer I built for Castle Crashers! I have only tested this on the new Steam Edition for 8/6/2015, so if anyone could tell me if it works on the other editions, I'm sure it does but have not tested it. This is a combination of lots of cheat tables from the Cheat Engine forums, and I only found a handful that still work. I attached the virus total scanner results to the program but for some reason it is showing a few "viruses" as CheatEngine, which is what it is. I used the Cheat Engine "Generate Generic Trainer LUA script from table" to create this trainer. If you do not trust my trainer and think it really is something that will be harmful, I included the cheat table itself so you can use your own cheat engine.


Open the program and leave it open for the durartion of gameplay until you are done. Press the hotkeys shown on the screen to activate or deactivate the cheats.


You can download the Cheat Table I found on for the time being. It was made by markheloking.