CES 2016: Drama and Cool Tech

Continuing with our news feed from CES 2016, we have more cool and interesting tech, and an interesting story involving U.S. Marshals.

Drama at CES

It is no surprise that once one company has released something similar to a hoverboard, most companies will try to cash in on that market. Well, as with everything, the Chinese are the ones most eager to make a quick buck based on the hoverboard business, and this was the case at CES 2016, where Changzhou First International Trade Co., creators of the Trotter electric skateboard, were raided by U.S. marshals. Apparently, the design of the Trotter, which was see-saw-like, was similar and a direct copycat of Future Motion’s Onewheel skateboard, which was crowdfunded via Kickstarter.

Control the heat of your shoes

French company Zhor-Tech has presented a pair of shoes with an advanced heating system, which you can control via your smartphone. The shoe showcased, named Smartshoe 001, can also accurately track your steps. In fact, it does a better job than most fitness bands. Another pair of shoes from the same company has laces that tie themselves, so we should really keep an eye out for Zhor-Tech’s next innovative pair of shoes.

Friendship bracelets, now smarter

It seems that Gemio is taking friendship bracelets seriously, as the company has announced a smart friendship bracelet, which costs 100 dollars and have colorful LEDs that change their color when another one enters a 30 meter range. While an interesting concept, I can’t really see why someone would shell out 100 dollars for a wristband that lights up occasionally.

Replace annoying alarms with pleasant smells

A really interesting concept, Sensorwake is an alarm clock that wakes you up with certain smells that you choose the night before. The smells range from “dollar” to “hot croissant”, and if those don’t wake you up, the clock will use a traditional alarm to wake you up.

Keep track of what’s in your plate with SCiO

If you’re tired of tracking down your food’s nutritional info, you’re in luck. SCiO is a small device that scans the food in your plate and sends the nutritional info to your smartphone, so you can effortlessly keep track of what you eat over the day. With SCiO, people will not only be able to keep an easier track of their nutrients, but will also be able to avoid food they are allergic to.

Nikon D5

The newest Nikon DSLR, the D5 is made for professional users which require the newest innovations on the market. Harnessing 20,8 megapixels, a 153-point autofocus system and capable of capturing 4K films at 30 frames per second, the Nikon D5 not only is impressive from a technological point of view, but also from a aesthetic one.

Drones can now carry people

Chinese company Ehang has unveiled their 220-kilogram drone, which could quickly become an accessible aerial way of transport for people. Dubbed the Ehang 184 Personal Transport Drone, it is capable of flying at 100 km/h for 23 minutes. The drone is completely electric, and also features equipment meant for protecting its passenger during bad weather.

Project Tango: The love child of Google and Lenovo

It seems that in a weird, unexpected partnership, Lenovo has teamed up with Google in order to bring us Project Tango, a smartphone which will supposedly change the market after years of stagnation. Apparently, the smartphone will feature innovative augmented reality software developed by Google, which will unlock new potential for the smartphone market. New software, such as augmented reality games will now be available on Tango hardware.

That’s it for today, but make sure to check back tomorrow for our coverage on the Best of CES 2016 Awards!