CES 2016: Leaked tech and details

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016 is currently underway, having just started today. This article will give you details on both the show and the products we currently know about.

What is it?

CES is the first big technology-related event of the year, with a plethora of new products being unveiled each year. It takes place in Las Vegas and there are a plethora of industry titans present, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and even Valve (there in order to present their new VR headset, The HTC Vive).

What is already known?

Although the show isn’t officially meant to start until wednesday, details are already starting to leak on the Internet, and we can’t help but share them with you.

The HTC Vive gets a “beta” version

Valve’s new VR headset is set to have an April 2016 release date for the consumer version. However, it seems that Valve wants developers to have some time with its new addition to the headset, and that is why it is releasing a second development kit this month. Dubbed the “Vive Pre”, the second development kit features a camera on the front of the headset, which can capture and display whatever is in front of the user on the screen. This will be used for when the user gets out of the Vive’s capture range.

HP strikes back at Apple – The EliteBook Folio

HP has a new laptop coming up in 2016, and it strives to beat the new, pretty-looking Macbook with a pretty-looking laptop of its own. The EliteBook Folio might not be the most powerful laptop, but it certainly looks good and is easy to carry around. However, can this HP laptop beat the cult-following of Apple’s laptop, or will it just turn into a cheap alternative? Only time will tell.

Cars, now smarter

Although CES 2016 hasn’t officially started yet, there already seems to be a trend in place. Smart cars are starting to appear on the market. Faraday Future has stated that their new car platform will be as disruptive as the iPhone. The company’s big unveil at CES was an electric hypercar, which is only one part of their plan to revolutionize the car industry.

BMW comes to play with a smart car of their own, the “iVision Future Interaction” concept car. The car is basically a Spyder version of the i8 hybrid.

Nvidia also has plans to release a “supercomputer for self-driving cars”, which will power up the upcoming self-driving car market. The world of self-driving cars will also be safer and more precise, as GM has stated they will crowdsource car data in order to improve maps for future smart cars. The company will use mobile data from its current car models to improve a database of precise locations.

Another newcomer to the self-driving car market is industry titan Ford, which claims will dominate the market with a new piece of technology: a mouse-sized light and radar sensor developed by Silicon Valley-based company called Velodyne, Inc.

4k TVs now a common technology

If you still think 4k TVs are completely unaffordable, then you’re right. 4k monitors and televisions still cost a fortune, but not for long. Plenty of companies are set to announce new 4k televisions, which means that their price is only going to go down as more and more join the game. LG has announced an OLED 4k TV with HDR, which may be the best offer on the market at the moment. If you’re planning to get one of these new TVs soon, you’re in luck: Panasonic has announced a 4k Bluray player.

What’s to come?

Hard to say. Tomorrow’s first conference is Netflix’s, and we’re quite unsure as to what they will reveal there. Our hunch is that they will talk about their plans of extending globally.

Apart from this, we can only wait and see what CES 2016 will bring. You can watch most streams online on the companies’ websites, or you can check back tomorrow for a rundown of new tech announced.