CES 2016: More Tech Announcements from Las Vegas

CES 2016 is still going strong, and there are many new releases to cover, so let’s get to it:

Razer wants to replace your desktop with this laptop

It seems that Razer is taking a huge step forward with their laptops, as they have recently announced the Razer Blade Stealth, a slick and thin (a bit over half an inch thick!) laptop, which weighs only 2.75 pounds, and has either a QHD or a 4K display. Its thin nature make it very portable, and when you want to start gaming, you can connect an external GPU through its Thunderbolt slot. The Blade Stealth’s price starts at $1000 for a QHD display, and at $1400 for a 4K display, which is recommended.

A reboot of the Super 8 camera

It seems that Kodak wants to bring the classic Super 8 camera back to life, with a new iteration meant to put the iconic camera in the hands of children. The Super 8 camera was responsible for a plethora of older movies, such as the original Star Wars trilogy, and its quality cannot be contested. However, it is a strange move, considering that most people nowadays will look towards a modern camera. The Super 8 will have a $400+ price tag.

Compute Stick, meet Skylake

Intel’s Compute Stick is a fantastic piece of technology and a proof that mankind can now fit a full-fledged PC in a USB stick. However, if you thought the Compute Stick was impressive before, you will be amazed to hear that Intel has now improved this product, by adding their new Skylake range of processors to them. If you don’t know what the Compute Stick is, it basically is a USB stick loaded with a Windows 10 copy which runs out of the box. By simply plugging in the Compute Stick into a monitor or TV, you’ve got yourself a PC. The Compute Stick will have different models, and its price will start at $159.

Robot butlers, now possible

Segway has announced an interesting product. Dubbed the Segway Advanced Personal Robot, it is both a hoverboard and a cute little robot that will help you out on basic errands. Before you get excited, no, this is not a proper hoverboard, but another one of those two wheel balance boards. When you want to actually ride it, the cute little robot hides, and when you’re off the board, you can assign it to carry your groceries.

LG and their roll-up screen

It seems that while all other companies are announcing curved screens, LG has done something original. They have announced a screen that rolls up, but can not be folded, and each time the screen is rolled-up, the pixels stop displaying the correct color. Obviously, this is a prototype and they still have a lot of work before marketing it, but it’s a truly interesting concept. The prototype has an 18-inch diagonal, and is full-HD capable, but LG is working on making 4K screens with this technology.


More companies have unveiled new smartwatches, such as the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch, with a circular screen and a 1.32 inch, 320×200 display that will set you back $500 when it will be first retailed in April. Another notable addition to the smart wearable world is Razer’s Nabu Watch, which was presented as a “digital watch with smart functions”. The Nabu has all the features a normal watch should have, such as a digital clock, a stopwatch and a countdown timer. While it does not feature a touch screen, it has a secondary display, on which it shows you your fitness data, which can be wirelessly transferred to Facebook and Twitter, or to Razer’s fitness bands, the Nabu and Nabu X.

The Razer Nabu Watch will be really cheap, starting at $150 for the normal variant and $200 for its sturdier, “Forged” variant.

That’s it for today, but make sure to check back tomorrow for more exciting tech news!