CES 2016: Newest Tech Announcements

CES 2016 has now officially started and there are plenty of new tech announcements happening in a very short time. Today, and for the entirety of CES 2016, stay tuned with us for coverage on new tech being announced at the expo.


It seems that companies are starting to expand their services globally, and the first one to do so is Netflix. Today, Netflix has launched their service in over 130 countries all over the world, along with adding HDR to their shows, in response to Amazon Prime Video having that since last year. The globalization project means that most of the world now has access to Netflix, with the few exceptions being China, North Korea and other communist or small countries.

Another company which plans to expand their services is Samsung. Their plan is to expand their Samsung Pay service to Spain, Australia, UK, China, Singapore and Brazil. While they shared the markets that are going to get it, they haven’t announced any date for this expansion.

Smartphones and wearables galore

As with just about every tech expo nowadays, smartphones and mobile technology are more than half of new announcements. Samsung has announced that their Gear S2 Classic will have two new color variants, and will soon feature a Pay app. Huawei has unveiled a plethora of new devices, such as the Huawei Mate 8, which is a premium high-end phablet, Huawei GX8, a $350 phone with a finger scanner and a metal chassis, and Huawei Watch Elegant and Jewel editions, which is their new smartwatch line.

Alcatel has announced a Windows 10 phone, called the OneTouch Fierce XL, and ZTE has also announced new phone models, dubbed the Axon Mini, Avid Plus and the Grand X 3, all of which are supposed to be retailed at a low price point.

VR continues

If yesterday we found out news about the Vive Pre, today we hear more news about the Vive’s biggest rival, the Oculus Rift. It appears that it will initially retail for $600, and it is available for pre-order. The first batch is already sold out though, so if you haven’t already bought one, you will not be getting one on its first shipment date, 28 march. The Rift will come bundled with an Xbox One controller, and certain VR games, such as EVE Valkyrie.

If the Rift is too pricey for you (and let’s face it, it is ridiculously expensive), then maybe the Speck Pocket VR is the gadget for you. A portable version of Google’s Cardboard VR experience, the Speck Pocket VR can be easily folded and placed in your pocket for convenient use.


It seems that a rising trend at CES 2016 is the smart fridge. Out of all the companies, Samsung is the one that’s taking this really seriously, as they have announced their Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator with a $5000 price tag. What is that and why is it so pricey? Well, as the name suggests, it is a fridge, with a 21.5 inch touchscreen built into the door. While that seems really interesting, we have yet to see it solving a daily problem that can’t be solved by taking your phone out of your pocket or using good old paper.

LG, however, has a more unique approach to smart fridges. Their Signature Fridge has a really cool (no pun intended) feature: if you knock, it turns transparent and lets you see the contents of the fridge.

Wearable tech

Another trend is wearable technology. This means that, naturally, most companies have announced new fitness armbands. HTC has partenered with UnderArmour to bring a range of UA-branded fitness-tracking wearables, which will track calories, measure your pulse and more.

Fitbit has announced a smartwatch, but it seems to have let down its investors, as their stock has fallen considerably after the announcement.

The coolest piece of wearable tech is the “ili” necklace, a real-time translation device that will make trips around the world less awkward by translating what you say into a foreign language, and viceversa.


Stay tuned for more information from CES 2016 coming the following days!