Cheater – Homebrew For PS4

Cheater is an application somewhat similar to Cheat Engine. As it can make tables to store found addresses in to make cheating in games much easier for the Playstation 4 hacked consoles. It looks to have been started by the user hurrican6, but now that 5.05 has been jailbroken it was updated by ChendoChap.

Older version (4.05 and 4.55) – https://github.com/hurrican6/PS4_Cheater/releases

Newer version (5.05) – https://github.com/ChendoChap/PS4_Cheater/releases

You will of course need to be on a hacked Playstation 4 console.

To operate this piece of software you will need to visit your webkit exploit of choice and when it says “send payloads”, type in your consoles IP address and press the “Send payload” button. Now launch the game you want to cheat on. Then press the “Refresh Processes” button. Now you can either search for new cheats or press the “Load” button and load in a cheat table.

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