CS:GO Gets New Operation Update, 8 New Maps

It has been 141 days since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive last had an Operation underway, with Operation Bloodhound ending on October 1, 2015. However, after the Global Offensive community on Reddit has recently started taking this lack of communication from Valve seriously, they finally got a new one today: Operation Wildfire.

As with previous Operations, there are new maps included, which are available at no cost for everyone, but if you want access to new items, exclusive missions and a special coin for your CS:GO profile, which upgrades as you progress through missions, you will need to buy and activate the Operation Pass. The Wildfire Operation Pass costs $6/5.29€

The new maps

This operation offers 8 new maps, 7 being made by the community, while the last one is an official remake of the popular map, Nuke, which was expected to be released ever since last November. Below are the 4 best maps in this update (of course, this is simply the writer’s opinion, as the other 4 maps are great as well).

Cruise is a great hostage rescue map set on a cruise ship, which should remind many players of “Hijacked” from Black Ops 2. Of course, because CS:GO is a more tactical game, the cruise ship is way larger than the one in Call of Duty, but it provides a great playground and an equally great environment.

Santorini is the newest map made by the talented FMPONE, known for creating other amazing maps, such as Cache. This map was released last year, but was only picked up for the operation now. Amazing visuals aside, the map’s layout is extremely complex, and it makes for some great bomb defusal matches.

Empire is another bomb defusal map, set in the warehouse district of New York. While this map isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the others in this operation, it provides fantastic areas for firefights, while keeping a design familiar to official Valve maps.

Nuke is, without a doubt, the biggest one in this operation, and we’re not referring to size here. This map is simply a remake of the previous iteration of Nuke, changing the setting of the nuclear facility from Germany to the Rust Belt in the United States. This isn’t the only thing this update changed, however: the map was rebuilt from the ground up, keeping only the base layout of the map. That being said, not only is the map now insanely pretty for a game running on the Source engine, but it also underwent some major changes, so that it is not CT-sided anymore. Some of these changes are:

  • The Vents now have an S pattern instead of an H one, meaning that instead of 4 vents, there are only 2 (one for each site).
  • The Toxic room was moved to a new location, and now has a huge window, meaning that it is now just a good place to watch the bomb site instead of being a great hiding place.
  • A new room was added to the B bomb site. The room, called “Decon” (for decontamination), lets you enter the site from a new angle, taking players by surprise.
  • The Catwalk is now accessible from the Silo, thus making it usable by terrorists too.

In addition, the map contains a lot of small details, meaning that the map makers put a lot of thought and love into it. That being said, Nuke is one of the best maps in the game at the moment, offering stunning visuals and fun, chaotic gameplay.

The campaigns

The new Operation also features two campaigns, one having players complete objectives on the new maps, while the other has players teaming up with their friends in order to defeat bots. The campaign missions offer experience upon completion, which is used to level up your CS:GO profile and give you item drops once a week.

The case

The new Wildfire case contains a load of new weapon skins, including a new type of knife: the Bowie Knife. This case is currently only obtainable by Operation Pass owners, but will probably enter the drop system for all players in a month or two, as was the case with previous operations.