December 2016 Updates

Newgrounds Mobile

The front page has been going through lots of changes as I am trying to simplify the code, then I will carry it out to the rest of the pages. I was just having some issues with the CSS sizes so the initial zoom-in might be changing back n forth for a bit till I get the sizes just right.

The mobile apps have been pulled time and time again for different things. The Windows store app was pulled a few times because of adult content. But once the adult content videos from the front page disappeared, they allowed it back again. So it’s been an up hill battle.

The Google play store for Android has been rejecting my updates due to impersonation. Even though I am not using the official logo, they don’t want me using any logos even closely resembling Newgrounds.

The iOS app store has been extremely slow with approving updates, and I believe it’s because their testing phase is very rigorous. The thing about programming in Swift is that there is no try/catch, there is only a do/catch. This relies on the functions themselves proving an error catching fall back trigger. If the functions don’t have this, then the catch will never trigger. So there was a few crashes I couldn’t fall back on, so I had to build other functions to test things like internet connection, etc. Like for example, instead of relying on the data pulling function to catch itself when it can’t pull data, so it would just crash.

Kodi/XBMC has decided they no longer will accept emails for plugin updates, now they want to do GitHub pull requests for plugin updates. I tried submitting the update for the front page code changes, but the first time they said it was under the wrong category and the second time they just closed it without saying anything. I will keep trying till the update goes through.

YouTube Growing

The Wii U videos have been growing. Is this because of the announcement of the Nintendo Switch and NES Classic? Either way, the videos are doing great in pulling in new subscribers. Now I just have to think up some new videos I can shoot. Getting very close to 1000 subscribers!

Desktop Applications

My code certificate for Jake Fliss from Thawte has expired, so I purchased a new one from GoDaddy under my company name New Age Software, LLC. So now all my software has been re-certified and re-uploaded. You can still run the old applications, you just might get a warning about it having an expired certificate. You can just download the software using the same links from this site and you will get the new certificate. If it STILL gives you a warning about an expired certificate comment below or email me and I’ll fix it.

At the start of January I will start building a few new mobile apps. A new NewAgeSoldier app, and a Sell-It mobile app. So, expect announcements in the future about these. Hopefully this year I will have 1 or 2 new games released. Either on Windows Desktop or on mobile devices, we will see. I have a few ideas for some games, but we will see if I have enough free time to complete them. I don’t necessarily want to say what they are about as the ideas could change at any time. They will just have to be a surprise! 🙂