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Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD - Windows
This is for the final version before they pulled it from the Steam store.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Windows
In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 the single player missions can be borderline impossible at times, not to mention the special ops which can be literally impossible because they say it right in the description!
Castle Crashers Steam Edition - Windows
Hey everyone, here is a trainer I built for Castle Crashers! I have only tested this on the new Steam Edition for 8/6/2015, so if anyone could tell me if it works on the other editions, I'm sure it does but have not tested it.
Virtual Fighter 2 - Xbox 360
Player 1 Infinite HP.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Xbox 360
Lots of Money, Infinite Health, Time advance by 1 hour, Infinite Ammo.
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Cloud Sync Virtual Machines
Do you have one or more virtual machines you want stored in the cloud, but synced with all your devices that use it? Here's a free solution!
C# making a game trainer from scratch
C# making a trainer from scratch with Visual Studio Community Edition 2017 and Memory.dll
3G2SD Vita Adapter
If you have the older 3G model of the PSVita, you can swap out the 3G adapter for a MicroSD card reader! This will replace your Vita Memorycard, but only work if you have a console with firmware version 3.60 and have Henkaku with Enso installed.
Getting Your Dreamcast Back Online, Without a Broadband Adapter!
There is a new developer out there to bring the Dreamcast back online with the use of a Raspberry Pi!
Wii U How To Play Backed Up Games
It is now possible to install Wii U backed up games to a USB hard drive! This will be different then how you would do this on PS3 or Xbox360.