EQMac (Al’Kabor) Emulation!


EverQuest Mac has been shut down for quite some time now, and all the great nostalgic game play could be have been lost forever, if it wasn’t for the developers at EQEmu and the TAK Project!

CaveDude spear headed the project with other EQEmu developers to start gathering game data right before the server shut down in order to rebuild the server. The developers at TAKProject.net have taken that code, recompiled it and now host a dedicated login and game server for everyone to enjoy.

The 3 main benefits for playing on the EQMac server are as follows:

  • Play on just the Planes of Power expansion pack.
  • Can use the classic UI!
  • Works on OSX and soon to be available on PPC.

Because EverQuest is now a free to play game, I feel that providing the files is not a big issue as you will need the last patch given when EQMac was shut down. Below I will provide the necessary information to get started playing. Keep in mind that the current TAKProject server is in Alpha/Beta so there will be bugs. Please report those bugs to TAKProject.net so they can fix them.

1) Register on TAKProject.net. (The answer to the bot question is “qm” for Quarm)
2) Add an avatar to your profile, a signature and a single post. This will allow you to make a game account.
3) Create a game account. takproject.net/account
4) Download the Mac or PC client. Store it in your Program Files folder, and make a shortcut to the EQW.exe file as this will make it possible to play EQMac on your PC.
5) Use the TAKProject eqhost.txt data. (modify your eqhost.txt file with notepad or other text editor in your EverQuest game folder)

[Registration Servers]
[Login Servers]

NOTE: There is a slight bug with the server selection menu. If you only see the dev server, and when clicking the play everquest button are given a screen that says the server is locked, just press the enter key instead and you will be logged in to the regular server.