EQMac Trainer v5.2 released!


Changed readme to give setup information
Changed UI layout
Changed Never Stunned code
Changed BUFFS/DEBUFFS to show spell names
Added scripting system
Added Grant Admin.bat to grant admin privileges to EQTrainer with 1 click
Added Always See Invisible
Added Any Item Size In Any Container
Added Added Bank At Any NPC
Added Fix Bazaar Search
Added Follow All
Added Follow From Any Distance
Added GM Walk
Added Infinite Air Remaining
Added Instant Falling
Added Jump While Fatigued
Added Jump Without Delays
Added Loot Corpses At Any Time
Added Memorize Spells Instantly
Added Never Blind
Added Never Encumbered
Added No Anonymous
Added No Melee Pushback
Added NPC Walk
Added Remove Detrimental Effects
Added Say Spell Casting
Added Scribe Spells Instantly
Added See Underwater
Added Show FPS
Added NPCs In /who
Added Train At Any Guildmaster
Added Walk Underwater