EQTrainer v5.5 Beta Now Available!

I want to release this beta out because it offers so much more than 5.4 did.

Added EQTitanium codes
Added codes.ini dependant on eqgame build version
Added zonecheck to autobot
Added say to autobot
Added target to autobot
Added CheckPCNearby to autobot
Changed searching for spawn names now removes underscore
Changed CheckTrade to checkgive
Changed checkgive arguments to closed or open
Changed maps from form to separate program
Moved memory read/write to separate memory.dll file

Basically I revamped the code so it loads all its memory values from a codes.ini file in a separate builds folder. You can now hack both Mac and Titanium clients! Keep in mind that gate and buffs do not work in this build till I find the values in Titanium, and the Mac client hack may crash the system due to no testing available for the newer code. This is just the start of something new; more client hacks to come!

Download the newest EQTrainer program at http://newagesoldier.com/everquest-mac-on-pc-trainer-teleporter/

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