EQTrainer v5.6 Released!

Here is the new EverQuest hacking trainer version 5.6. If you have any questions or bugs to report comment here or on the project page. Thank you!

The biggest new feature is the ability to auto detect the build dates on the programs to automatically switch build versions from EQMac and EQTitanium on the fly. But of course, there were bug fixes as well. It is also 100% safe to modify codes.ini files as the program is running and to change from EQTitanium and EQMac manually as the program will not crash and adjust the codes when it is switched. You can now add your own build codes following the current folder/file structure. I hope to add many more features to this program to make it the best free EverQuest hacking program available.

Added more EQMac codes. You can now switch between EQMac and Titanium
Added auto detect build by build date (new file builds.ini)
Fixed MP showing 4byte data instead of byte
Fixed buffs/debuffs table for EQMac
Fixed possible crash in backgroundWorker missing label invoke
Fixed spawn list level, class and type mix up
Moved injectdll2.dll to specific build folders
Changed buffs/debuffs timers to show MIN:SEC format
Changed follow hot button to CTRL+T
Changed C++ Redistributable(x86) link
Changed when codes.ini files are changed they are autoloaded

As always, thanks for using my programs, watching my videos and visiting the website. Enjoy!