EverQuest Classic Source Code (eqclassic.org)

If you have been following the EverQuest Classic project you know that it is closed source and all of Yeahlight’s work is given to another developer who will either continue the project or let it die.

EQClassic Features

1) Play with the old EverQuest Trilogy client straight from install. No file modifications needed.

2) Play just like it’s 1999. This time EXACTLY like 1999, except in the Velious expansion. Could change this to vanilla if anyone wanted.

3) You can use the old UI and gaming system. Buffing NPCs and other fun tricks from the original game.

4) See old models work as intended without glitchy or forced monster models.

5) The mirror of your character in your inventory works!

6) No strange glitched out models when getting too close to them like in EQMac.

7) Can run on older hardware. Slower PCs with older 3D cards.

8) Can run on older operating systems like Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME.

About the Source Code

The way the source code was given has errors and uses VERY old code. I managed to repair several files so it can at least compile and allow a few people to log in. I did include the database files for items, NPCs, tradeskills, accounts etc. Recently I fixed the /tell crash if target is null, and have gotten quests for Perl working. There are just lots of small bugs. If you want a full list of the bugs, visit the GitHub source code page using the links below.

Server and Client Setup

If you are going to host this server and connect on your own computer, don’t forget to change the eqhost.txt file to reflect the server IP. See the screenshots below for an example.

If don’t know how to host an EQEmu server you will need to download and install MySQL 5.1 and download MySQL Workbench. Use MySQL Workbench to insert the .sql database information.

You also need to install Active Perl 5.12 and VS.NET C++ Redistributable 2008

Once that is setup, open your login.exe, world.exe and boot5zones.bat and leave these windows open as this is your server.

The Trilogy Client Files are only needed if you are using anything newer than Windows XP (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10). If you are using Windows 95 you are all set. If you are using Windows XP you will need to set compatibility mode for Windows 95. If you are using Windows 95 or XP and want to use a Windowed mode, then yes you can use the Trilogy Client Files to achieve this.

Does not work in a Virtual Machine!

If you plan on building the server files yourself, please follow the directions on the GitHub source code page for build instructions.

For any other required files, please go to: http://newagesoldier.com/myfiles/openeqc

eqc_p2 eqc_p1

If you want to REALLY play like 1999 (before any expansion) you are going to want to modify the eqfeart#.pak files with EQ-Zip.

For example, here is the REAL 1999 login screen:


Example of the REAL 1999 start screen:


You will find this file in the eqfeart1.pak file. So copy this to your desktop and open eqfeart2.pak which will contain the newer Kunark login screen. Rename your login image file to eqklogin and overwrite the file in eqfeart2.pak and save. Now you have the real 1999 login image. Same goes with the loading image and any logos used for the expansions.


  1. Hey there,

    I am very excited about this. I tried posting over @ eqclassic.org but because I am new I am moderated apparently. Anyways I would be willing to help. If the project is indeed dead then perhaps an open sourced fork for at least an emulator is in hand. The benefits of using an old client for anything alone is worth it. The actual classic server can be done later imo.

    1. Looks like EQEmulator took their version of the source and converted it to EQMac. However, the EQMac Emulator is on pause for the holiday. I think it will resume its progress in January.

  2. Hey there,

    I just looked at the source and I *think* this is eqemu source. The ini’s refer to eqemu.net unless they forked eqemu… which I don’t think they did. I am researching it more.

  3. They must’ve forked eqemu at some point. It looks like an eqemu source with modifications. I see comments referring to yeahlight commented out. So that is a good starting point now that we know the code base.

    1. After doing some research and contacting a few devs I found some history and future development.

      Apparently Secrets did work on the 2009 source to make it more workable. But, the minilogin portion is the part that doesn’t seem to operate correctly. cavedude00 has forked that and made EQMacEmu which I’m also very excited about because EQMac at least let me play on the Planes of Power. I would like to see if I can get a better login system to work with this so we can start playing around in EQClassic!

  4. I definitely would like to join up and help you with this, do you have an IRC or anything I can contact you with? I forked the repo and am working on getting a dev environment set up.

  5. Might be worth pulling cavedude’s source and dif the LS portions (if he ever got it working which it sounds like it does since changelogs mention zoning)

    1. The world server seems to want to join with the latest MiniLogin compile from their wiki. But, it kicks back an error saying there are too many people in the zone.

      Also don’t join with cavedude’s login. Apparently that does not work as well.

      Just a quick glance I notice they are missing a section of code in world’s servertalk is missing the parts where it tells how many people are actually in the server.

      struct ServerLSStatus_Struct
      sint32 status; // Comment:
      sint32 num_players;
      sint32 num_zones;

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if there were things missing given the age of the source. By the way I apparently lost my discs for trilogy and I cannot find a download with sources, would you possibly be able to help me out with that? Can’t very well work on it if I can’t even connect to the server lol.

    1. I sent you an email. I can’t get minilogin 6.2 to accept a client login. Probably something I don’t know about minilogin.

  7. Thanks, I got it downloaded and all the other pre-req’s. Can get the regular minilogin to accept a login and eq launches but eq crashes due to a rendering issue. When I launch eqgame I get mouse issues and no textures showing except the buttons as well. Any idea on how to fix that? As for 6.2 I am trying to figure that out as well since I can at least login

  8. 6.2 might be too new, apparently they did make changes in the world. I remember you said something about that earlier that it seemed like there was a missing link. I feel like I read on PJ1999 they were using like…. 2.3 or some ancient version of the login server before.

    1. cavedude says his eqmacemu source’s minilogin is the most up to date one for that project. I sent him another message to clarify how to build it because I’m getting several strange external build errors. Let me know if you can build it.

  9. So far so good, 6.2 and the included one can connect to my world server. Just hitting some SQL snags now. But the more I go through this the more EQC seems like a eqemu kang. I think I can see the reason yeahlight was hung up on the db’s. Beyond the client without proper db’s there isn’t a whole hell of a lot different than what PJ1999 is.

    1. My new minilogin can connect the server as well. The database files in db folder will work. Import all of them.

      This is not entirely yeahlights work anyways. Secrets was trying to merge it with eqemu. It will still work with EQ Trilogy client.

      Also the july db file is all EQC stuff. The others are from eqemu or from other classic servers to help fill in the missing gaps.

  10. Visually it will be a lot better though. Classic sky, water, spell effects, rotating combat music, missing animations and textures etc.

  11. I will sync my repo shortly. I managed to get my SQL dB’s sorted out. My god that was a pita the SQL files kept making it hang through the CLI. I had to go use mysql workshop to get them imported properly

  12. Hey,

    Just wanted to give a follow up that myself and another guy have taken this a step further and forked it and are able to login to the world now. We have a test server and production server set up and would like you to join the dev team. The website is openeqc.com and the production server is @ login.openeqc.com although we are still working on the website and sign up mechanism’s

      1. 5999 is the port as for a userid and pass you will need to contact freezzo on aim. He is the other dev. We are working on getting an autated userid and pass thing made. Also change login to test for the test server. Public isn’t up yet since it had to be rebuilt to x64 for the ram we added today

  13. so, I have been following everything everyone has been saying but I just seem to be having a problem with playing, I have the trilogy set and everything,I got on EQW, and I dont have any clue how to login, the github doesnt give any download links to a minilogin exe. or anything , I just wanna see the old zones, and fart around with the old UI and stuff, I was wondering if someone could help me with this it would be much appreciated 🙂

  14. may someone help me figure this stuff out? I am just trying to mess with the classic game again. I miss the old UI and stuff

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