EverQuest Trainer for Mac on PC and Titanium (p1999)


This program modifies eqgame’s process and injects a .dll file. This is currently for EQMac and Titanium (p1999, etc)


  • Teleport To Coordinates
  • Save and Load Teleport Coordinates
  • No Falling Damage
  • No Stuns
  • Show Buff/Debuff Times
  • Target Level & Class (even if anonymous)
  • Separate GPS Map System
  • Display Bank & Character Money
  • Display HP, Mana and XP Numerical Values
  • Follow Exactly Behind Any Target
  • Search NPCs in Zone And Teleport To Them
  • Ultravision For Any Race
  • Infinite under water breathing
  • Automated Bot Scripts
  • Multiple Game Process Hacking
  • Can use MQ2 (Macroquest 2) functions
  • 100’s of Zone teleport coordinate files from server
  • and much more…




  1. Download and install VS.NET C++ 2010 (x86) Redistributable (for Inject.DLL)
  2. Download and install .NET Framework 4 (for Windows XP users)
  3. Download and install AutoIt (for AutoBot to work)


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  1. Interested in making some coin?

  2. I keep getting an error when trying to teleport UAC disabled aswell as Antivirus “Exception Processing Message 0xc0000135 parameters 0x000007FEFD57718C 0x000007FEFD57718C 0x000007FEFD57718C 0x000007FEFD57718C”

    1. Did you grant admin privileges to eqgame and eqtrainer?

  3. Yeah both have admin rights instant gate works, follow works just not teleport

    1. You right clicked on both programs, set in compatibility mode “run this program as an administrator”? The new teleport system needs to inject the injectdll2.dll file into eqgame’s process. Do you see that dll sitting next to eqtrainer.exe?

      Also, do you have everquest titanium installed or underfoot?

      1. Titanium installed, copyed the eq windows hack guides, and yup both has run this program as an admin, also I see the injectdll2.dll

  4. any way to inject PP? 🙂

    1. Not that I’m aware of.

  5. Are you capable of learning how mq2bzsrch works, and how to collect bazaar packets so we can get an external bazaar GUi? I am willing to help.

    1. Chat in the forums. I can give you some permissions in the github.

  6. Im getting the error “Exception Processing Message 0xc0000135 Parameters 0x73585900 0x75385900 0x75385900 0x75385900” when I try to port to coordinates. I’ve DL’d the things you suggested to try to get it to work, any other ideas? I’m also running as admin with antivirus turned off. Everything else seems to work fine.

  7. Was wondering if there was any chance you were going to develop anything for p99?

    1. Well, recently I was given the EQClassic source. I fixed several bugs and have it compiled, but can’t completely log in yet. Apparently there’s still more to fix. But, that’s what I’ve been up to recently.

      I wanted to start on P1999 but using cheatengine’s debugger causes a crash. Not sure if it’s a type of protection? I will re-install and try again. I got several eqlive values, but I’m very afraid of a patch rolling around and making them no longer work. So, I’ll put that on pause and try again at p1999.

  8. what about a tutorial on what you use and how to do something like this? I think that would be great!

    1. That’s not a bad idea! Maybe my next post I could do that and include a video.

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