EverQuest Mac (Al’Kabor) on PC

Play EverQuest Mac edition on your PC.

Play like it’s 2001!
Enjoy the old UI, old monster models and a big community.

1. Download the new Intel EQMac Client.
2. In the EQMac folder, right click eqw.exe > Properties > Compatibility Settings > Check Run as Administrator.
3. Run eqw.exe
4. Check “Fix eqclient.ini”. Press Start EQ.


Change from OLD UI to new UI: Edit eqclient.ini and change NewUI=FALSE to NewUI=TRUE

Original classic MIDI versions restored: Rename or remove the files eqtheme.mp3, combattheme1.mp3, combattheme2.mp3, deaththeme.mp3, lavastorm.mp3, guk.mp3 and nektulos.mp3

See Velious armor skins: Go to eqclient.ini, and change LOADARMOR17 through LOADARMOR23 from =FALSE to =TRUE. Change LoadVeliousArmorsWithLuclin=FALSE to LoadVeliousArmorsWithLuclin=TRUE

NOTE: Official EQ Mac has shut down! There is an emulated server available to play, check out the post here.



Q: I got an error message saying I need to update my game.
A: You need to disable your Antivirus software and make sure you have WINSOCK32.dll file in your eqmac folder. Sometimes antivirus software removes these dll files thinking they are viruses. If you don’t have antivirus enabled and you’re still having issues, make sure your game installed in C:/eqmac, it cannot be D:/eqmac, etc. The location is very important.


Check out my trainer program, and the latest MySEQ for the EQMac client post!


  1. Hello!
    Just to comment I love the ability to use this to play with my mac friends….
    Curious if there is a way to make this compatible with WINEQ 2.0ish? the interface is a little easier to use for boxing than eqw…..

  2. i keep getting an error when trying to load –

    [Sun Sep 08 13:14:21 2013]00000:Unable to load EQGfx_Dx8.DLL (126)

    [Sun Sep 08 13:14:21 2013]00001:Failed to load graphics DLL in WinMain(), exiting!

    I’m new to this and don’t know how to fix it, how do i fix it?

      1. i figured that out, and got the game running. However, for some reason i cannot get the Bazaar to work. After getting files from a friend, when attempting to buy from a trader, all i get when i right click is a con.

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