Fighting Games On PC – Revival Of A Genre

Fighting games have always been extremely popular, ever since they first started swarming arcades in the old, golden days of gaming. Once they have started being released for home consoles too, they have started an entire genre of games most known for being amazingly fitting in 2-player situations, making them the life of many gaming parties. Back in the golden arcade days, some names emerged from mediocrity and quickly gained a name for themselves, many still being popular today. Some of the biggest names in the fighter genre today are Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Super Smash Bros and many more.

However, because the main feature of fighting games has always been the fact that they allowed two players to battle it out on the same screen, and because only consoles fit into that category for a long time (until the arrival of proper game controllers for PC), PC gamers have been neglected for the past decade when it comes to fighting games. However, given the recent trends, it seems that the PC fighting genre is slowly being resurrected.

Killer Instinct

Originally an Xbox One exclusive since 2013, the reboot to the classic Killer Instinct is finally coming to PC. Releasing alongside Season 3, which will bring 8 new characters to the game, including guest characters like Halo’s Arbiter or Gears of War’s General RAAM, this “free-to-play” fighting game will be available on Windows 10 PCs on March 29. The game features 25 characters spread across 3 seasons, each season costing 20 dollars and featuring 8 characters. One character, Shadow Jago, is no longer available for purchase, as he was a limited time offer.

Season 3 will launch alongside a killer deal, which will offer all three seasons for 50 dollars for PC users, along with every single costume and accessory and a permanent boost for XP.

Mortal Kombat

Although things seemed to be peachy when Netherrealm Studios decided to port their popular Mortal Kombat (2011) reboot to PC, it seems that things have fell through in the meanwhile. Since the initial port of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, Warner Bros. (the publishers) have also given High Voltage Software (a porting company) the task of porting Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition and Mortal Kombat X to PC. While the online multiplayer netcode has been horrid for all three ported games, Mortal Kombat X was a complete disaster from a technical standpoint.

The PC release was riddled with bugs, horrid performance, and worst of all, it had 15gb patches, with one deleting players’ save files, which was resolved only by applying another 15gb patch. The state of the release led to the playerbase quickly dying out on PC, even though High Voltage Software lost its job and QLOC, a talented company, was brought in to bring the game to the state it’s in today (which is actually really good). However, given the lack of an active playerbase, Warner Bros. has decided to cease support for the PC version of the game by not updating its netcode to the superior 2.0 version the consoles received, and by not releasing the second Kombat Pack, which features 4 new characters and a lot of additional costumes.

While some have completely given up on the PC version, there may be a chance of PC receiving the updates, as Ed Boon (co-creator of Mortal Kombat), has recently stated on Twitter that a Mac version would be coming soon, which means that they might also give some more love to the PC. Only time will tell.

Street Fighter and others

Street Fighter V is among one of the biggest PC fighting games released recently, with the PC version even offering gamers the ability to play against PS4 players. Many other Japanese fighters, such as Dead or Alive, are also being ported to PC, and while many are horrid ports, it’s still a great move towards the PC fighting genre being revived.