Fix ASUS G73 JH Gaming Laptop issues

Issue #1 – Slow and sometimes unresponsive keyboard!
Fix – Update the motherboard bios to 213.


Issue #2 – Video games locks up, crashes, gray screen, and other video issues.
Fix – Update the vBios. You can follow the tutorial here. It’s recommended to update the motherboard bios to 213 first. vBios version can be detected with GPU-Z.


Issue #3 – Laptop fans are going fast while idle (a.k.a. – not playing any games), and laptop crashes after playing video games for an extended period of time.
Fix #1 – Open the bottom compartment and use a can of air to blow out dust from the back vents.
Fix #2 (NOTE: You should not need to do this if you did all of the above) – You can open the case (voiding your warranty), and apply some newer better paste to the video card heat sync. You can follow the tutorial here.


Summary – I bought the G73JH and it had ALL these issues for 3 years! Finally I have solved them all, and am now contempt with this inexpensive powerful gaming laptop.