Fix e3 flasher error 1001100

Error 1001100 (Failed to initialize PS3 BIOS) means the clip is not flat to the board so the prongs are not making contact with all of the NOR chip prongs. This is almost guaranteed to happen on your first install. To completely 100% fix this issue you need to do 3 things when installing the e3 clip.

  1. Cut or sand off a little portion of the plastic on the clip that is touching the board’s diode. Then fasten the clip making sure you hear a clicking sound when pressing firmly on both sides of the clip onto the nor chip.
  2. The box that the e3 flasher clip came in has some black foam padding. Tear a piece off the same size as the clip and tape it on top of the clip. This will allow pressure to help hold the clip down when screwing the panels back together.
  3. As an extra precaution put tape beneath the long ribbon cable so it doesn’t make contact with any other electrical components.


Q&A: What is the e3 flasher?

Q: When does this issue happen?
A: When trying to read the ps3 bios.

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