Fix Xbox 360 USB PC Dongle Not Responding


I’ve been using my Xbox 360 USB PC Dongle for quite a long time now on my desktop PC. But I removed it to fix an issue with my USB ports on my motherboard. A few weeks later I wanted to use my Xbox 360 USB PC Dongle on my laptop so I can play some games while traveling. There was a problem; when I plugged it in there wasn’t the usual noise corresponding to a USB drive being plugged in and the light wasn’t showing.

I found a fix on a Microsoft forum, and a shaky cam of someone doing the fix and it can be hard to understand exactly what was done. So here is a fully written tutorial.


– Knife
– Phillips head screwdriver
– Soldering Iron
– Solder
– Crazy glue


1) Use the knife to pry open the plastic shell in between the mold lines. I started in the back near the cable as it was the weakest point. If you have an off-brand one like me it will make a snap noise as you go along the line. This is because it was glued shut.


2) Use the Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the 2 screws on either side of the circuit board on the inside. Disconnect the connection between the USB wire and the board. You can use the point of the knife to help remove the connector.

3) On the back of the circuit board there is a VERY small fuse called F1. Use your soldering iron and solder to put a blob of solder over it to jump the fuse.

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4) Connect the USB cable and plug it in. It should start working now. If not, re-solder and try your best to jump that fuse.

5) Re-install in the plastic shell and use crazy glue if necessary to re-seal the shell.