GameBoy Pocket Missing Power LED

The earliest GameBoy pockets were missing their power LED lights. There is literally no way to tell how much battery you have left in it. I decided to fix this issue.


If you use a blade to pry up the plastic faceplate that protects the inner screen, you will see a socket for the LED.

Now, we need to remove the plastic casing around the motherboard and buttons. Be sure to remove the battery case and batteries, and any game cartridges.

Once the GameBoy is open, and you take the motherboard out, you need to place a new LED light in the place where it would be. PERSONALLY, I used an extra LED light I got from my Christmas lights. But, you can buy lots of other colored lights. I will point out where you need to connect the positive and negative connections…


What I did was because the LED didn’t exactly fit into the hole, I used gorilla glue to keep it in place, and put the negative/positive connections on the other side of the motherboard and put them through the 2 holes and once again glued them into place so they will not come out. Here is the finished product.


It works perfectly! It gets dim when the batteries are low, and gets bright when the batteries are new! Also, while you have the GameBoy open, I would recommend cleaning the case and buttons with some soap and drying them before putting it back together. It makes the world of difference.

Also, this is my GameBoy that I got when I was a kid. If you have any questions, or if you’re not sure how to do it, let me know. I’ll help you out.